How to Choose a Good Online MBA Program for Distance Learning

How to Choose a Good Online MBA Program for Distance Learning

No matter, be it for regular or online MBA program, choosing the right program and specialization is an important task. With a regular MBA program, one does not have to worry about, whether the program is legit or not, and if there will be proper placement. Because the answer to these queries can be found when attending the regular classes. But with anonline distance mba program, since one will not be attending the classes physically and the online programs still not being a mainstream option, few things need to be carefully checked before taking admission in it.

The things to consider are

Recognition and Affiliation

As said above, distance programs are still not mainstream, which means, one needs to check if the universities providing the program have approval from DEC (Distance Education Council) or not. Also, the universities should be recognized under UGC (University Grant Commission).

Fee structure

Distance programs are said to be an affordable option compared to the regular MBA course. So the next thing to check is if the university provides flexible payment options. It will be helpful if the payment of the fees can be made online and in installments and such features are made available in most of the universities that are known to be best for mba distance education.

Course and class schedule

For online MBA programs, checking this factor is very important because this is one of the sole reasons why one opts for distance learning. It is better if the classes are on weekends because, that is when most of the working crowd is free and has time. There should be the flexibility of onsite face-to-face meetings and attendance. Also, the program should have doubt clearing sessions, discussion forums, and extra classes.


Placement is very important when it comes to master degrees like MBA, and especially if it is an online program. In this competitive world, without placements, students can find it difficult to find jobs. For students who are opting for the online program because of financial issues or to fill in gap years, checking the placement rate is very important.

For details, refer to the placement cell and check the companies that come as placements and any other relevant information available.


For online programs, infrastructure is the availability of virtual classes. For the students who signed up for online MBA programs, virtual classes are very important as they are from different regions. So the university needs to provide them with a platform where all these students can come together and have study sessions. Another thing to check is if the curriculum of the online program is in sync with the regular curriculum. The students should be provided with study materials and allowed o to be part of seminars and workshops.


Flexibility is one of the key factors in online programs, so universities should also apply this in conducting exams. The students should be given options for online and on-site exams. Also, instead of a single-day exam, the program should provide the students with a set of dates and, they should be given the liberty to choose as per their convenience.

Online MBA programs have made it possible for many people to attain a master’s degree. But since, it is still not very prevailing and the go-to option, one needs to be careful when choosing it. Take sufficient time to check the course and the university details before making the final decision to apply for admission.


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