Follow These Amazing Hacks To Get The Most Amazing Deals Online

Online retailers and brands today are constantly upping their game by tracking our behavioural habits. So it’s only fair that you, the consumer, must have a few tricks up your sleeve to outsmart them. 

That’s why we’ve come up with the best tricks and tips to help you get the best deal stores online. Below are the best ways you can score the best discounts on the best upi payment app while browsing online:

  • Add Items to Cart but Checkout after a few days: 

By following this, you can tempt brands and retailer websites to present you with the best deals. After selecting items, add them to the cart but don’t checkout immediately. Instead, wait for some time, and you’ll receive attractive offers on your cart items!

  • Keep deleting your cookies and browser History or go Incognito:

Due to the phenomena called dynamic pricing, sometimes you are shown higher prices of some items than someone else. Get this right by deleting your cookies once in a while. You should log off from your account as well to ensure getting the best prices.

  • Follow the right influencers and Bloggers:

The easiest thing to do (which perhaps you already do) is to keep up with the right influencers and bloggers. Follow their social media and emailing lists to always be the first to know about the best deals.

  • Pay with Fave India to get the best Cashback:

Want the best cashback ever?? Visit Fave India’s website or download the Fave India app, and choose from an exhaustive list of cashback on everything.

  • Shop with Credit Cards instead of Debit Cards:

While most people already know this, few know why. Using credit cards is preferable because most banks and retailers have special discounts on shopping using credit cards, and this also builds their credit score. Furthermore, refunds are transferred sooner and faster when credit cards are used in contrast to debit cards.

  • Refer to friends to get additional discounts:

Referring apps to friends can help you win heavy discounts. Just refer products to your friends, and if they accept the offer and signup, you earn huge discounts!

If the tips above seem overwhelming and you want a single deals store, download Fave India’s app. You can also visit Fave India’s website to get massive cashback offers and exciting discounts.

Here’s How Fave helps you get the best deals and cashback on online shopping!

Fave offers you the best deals on the most amazing things to eat, do, see, and experience in your city – that too from a convenient and seamless mobile app! Discover thousands of Fave Deals, and save up to 80% on your favourite restaurants, cafés, spas, salons, gyms, retail stores, and more. Or pay up your bills quickly and easily with FavePay and get rewarded with up to 30% cashback.

How to activate Fave offers and cashback?

Fave has one of the most user-friendly, efficient, and instantly responsive interfaces. So go ahead and follow these steps to explore the best deals! 

  1. Find the QR Code of the merchant, product, service, or shop.
  2. Scan the QR Code and pay with the Fave app. 
  3. And you’re done! You earn the most attractive cashback! Cashback gets credited to your account on your next purchase! 

Reasons that make Fave one of the best digital discount aggregators


  1. Guaranteed cashback – Scan, pay and earn, in every transaction!
  2. Get exactly what you selected – You get what’s promised – no hidden terms!
  3. See cashback from everywhere at One Place – View cashback from all your favourite brands together.
  4. Cashback never expires – Get notified automatically before your cashback expires.
  5. Get notified of offers – Never miss out on recommendations from your favourite brands.
  6. Safe and easy payments – Pay with the Fave India app and get the assurance of seamlessness and safety.

Fave acts as the facilitator between consumers and online retailers to offer a seamless payment experience and merchant rewards. Fave has been a payment aggregator for the most popular cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Visa) and wallets. From operating in over 35 cities in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Fave has entered India in 2021. So head to Fave India to avail the best offers on your favourite products now!



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