Difference between Physical & Digital Gift Cards

A gift card voucher is a common way to greet someone on a special occasion, such as their birthday, anniversary, or festival. No one complains about being gifted, but sometimes that could go much better. So when choosing a gift card method, which is better from the perspective of the gifted and the giver? Physical or digital? The answer is: digital and physical.


Digital Gift Cards –

From the perspective of the person receiving a gift, receiving a digital gift card is better than receiving a physical gift card. Let me explain why?

When people receive a present, they like to seize it. The receiver can use the digital gift card instantaneously. In contrast, a physical one can take several days to be delivered, or has a specific date in the future when it has exciting deals. Waiting for the gift can make people anxious. If someone waits for too long, it is a human tendency that the person will not appreciate the gift as much as if they used the gift card at the right time.


Even from the giver’s perspective, a digital gift card is better because it is much cheaper. That’s right. A physical gift card takes time until its use. There is a price for the material, for the crafting, and the delivery.

However, what if one person gives that to all the workers in the store? Well, that can make the difference. Now that people have their gift physical gift card vouchers and are ready to use them in stores, they often lose their cards.

In this case, digital gift card vouchers are more secure. A physical gift card can get lost or be stolen by someone. While on virtual mode, you can use a VPN to protect your data, and you can always use it on an online store to redeem attractive deals. In this way, you don’t even need to get the gift card voucher out of the house.

You might be wondering that if digital gift cards are such a big deal, why do people usually gift physical gift card vouchers?


Why Are Physical Gift Cards Still in Use?

When we are talking about convenience, digital wins the battle. If we shift the topic from convenience to gesture, then the physical one has the upper hand. Imagine how nicer it is for someone to deliver a cute gift card in your hands, with a gracious smile, looking into your eyes to say you deserve that.

They might deliver it especially to you, with their signature on that, and maybe they even customized the gift card voucher themselves to impress you. The physical one certainly means a lot more than the digital one because of the human touch it provides.

Humans are social beings; a natural touch is more substantial than a virtual one. It is, indeed, more sentimental. Also, if you consider aesthetics, then again, there is no room for digital. Of course, something you can see in the real world, with actual colors, in the amount of light you want, and even touch that, feels like a special deals compared to the virtual model. Well, that’s far more beautiful than a simple image.

If, as a giver, you do not care about the gesture and aesthetics but care about the value of the gifted things, you can opt for digital gift card vouchers. However, it might be more comforting if you think of what the other person likes: DVDs, virtual games, and e-books, more than being outside, enjoying brisk walks with nature, and hardcover books for example.

Gift cards are always great to have but choose virtual if you prefer, giver or gifted. The future is here, so why be old school anyway? Take it from Tomas Likar, head of business development and strategy from PayPal: “If there’s one word to describe the direction that the payments industry has headed over the past year, I think it’s this: convenience.”

So there you go! If you are with him on that, then digital is the correct answer and the best option for you.




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