College Writing: Exemplary Guide On How To Write Effective Paper In College

Writing can be one of the most stressful tasks and it can become difficult to tackle at times. It can become boring yet irritating as well. Writing a paper or an essay is also the most efficient way to enhance the skills of writing with the aspects of research and knowledge.

However, the idea of writing a paper can still be daunting to a lot of people. Know that, it is completely normal. Not everybody has the same mindset of writing and doing research.

Jumping on to the professional writing industry and let’s talk about college paper writing and research assignments.

We all have been through the writing tasks in our schools and colleges and it has never been an easy task to perform, I agree!


Even the best writers do get stuck while writing. It is normal to feel blank when we are in the process of writing something. This is what we call writer’s block because at this moment he is unable to put his words and thinking on a paper and feel blank.

This situation can happen to anyone who is busy creating something new or if he is indulging in writing some new blog or college paper even.

Are you also struggling to complete your college paper writing and unable to do so? Do you also face issues while beating your procrastination? Don’t worry, I could feel you right!

If you are also hustling to finish your college paper writing on time and keep on getting stuck then read this article till the end.

Below I have compiled a comprehensive list of 15 tested tips and tricks that would help you to overcome your procrastination. Let’s get into the study.

Set the schedule and time:

Setting up the schedule for the college paper writing and setting the timer can help you to do your work in time. Punctuation and scheduling is the key. You have to stay promising with alerts and time to complete the task.

Brainstorming is the key:

Expert assignment helpers suggest the college students brainstorm before writing any paper. This will help you to collect several ideas on a single paper and you will not feel stuck.

Don’t panic:

First of all, consider the blocking of ideas or creativity as one of the most common and normal things that happen with experienced writers as well. Make sure that you don’t panic or else you will lose your motivation.

Get into rough drafting:

If you ever feel like being stuck in the writing process then start the rough drafting. You can do this while having a crayon or gel pen or with a pencil even. Make sure that you take it as fun.

Begin the task early:

Procrastinating and leaving the task for the next day can never get you to go right. If you want to complete the writing assignment within the given time then make sure you have begun it right from the beginning.

Take help and talk about it:

There is no shame in taking help from any professional writer and you can discuss it with your friends as well. In this way, your brain will catch some new ideas that your circle would suggest to you. It is also a kind of mental therapy that helps to boost brain functionality.

Don’t force yourself:

If you are unable to think about new ideas then don’t get yourself into the process of forcing yourself to be creative. Let your mind be relaxed and calm. If you will force to think, the ideas wouldn’t be catchy and impressive so make sure to keep your mind relaxed.

Get to know about the change of ideas:

Mind blockage while writing a paper is common so make sure that you must switch from one section to another to have some change in the ideas. You can go to the main section of the work about which you are interested to write.

Work on different sections:

Although, there are more writers who make another claim. When students throw requests as ‘write my assignment for me’ some of the professionals guide them by suggesting to work on different sections of the paper and state that, if you are stuck at one point then look for other sections to cover up your paper in the meantime. There is no restriction on writing the introduction in the beginning. You can begin from any point which you feel strong enough to write.

Listen to the music:

Listening to music can also relax your mind if it is being blocked from the ideas. It is one of the most practiced and used techniques for the relaxation of the mind while having a little break from the work.

Don’t be conscious about spelling and grammar:

Don’t be tensed for the spelling and grammatical mistakes because it would not be the final draft. Edit the written piece after completing it. Your consciousness about making the paper writing perfect at the first attempt will make you get more stuck several times.

Move around and change the environment:

Getting blank is way too common. If you are unable to gather ideas then get up and move around. Change of environment can also help you to get a little fresh and get some new ideas. You can also get into some exercise after sitting at a single place for so long! This will also boost your thinking capability.

Turn the perfectionist off:

Ensure to turn off your inner perfectionist. Or else you will keep on criticizing yourself. No one is perfect with paper writing so it is okay not to be perfect.

Avoid rereading before compiling up the writing process:

Do not reread your incomplete drafts. This will make you feel unsure about your writing and will further lead to zero confidence. Rereading can make you go confused about your writing.

Keep your motivation on top:

You can use incentives to complete the writing. Treat yourself to a pretty dress or a nice meal after submitting a college writing assignment. Using the techniques of incentives can work wonders at every level.


By incorporating the aforementioned tips, you can overcome your weakness of getting stuck while writing a paper. Being stuck is one of the tricky situations and this could lead you to more stress. So, make sure to tackle yourself with the mentioned tips. Relax! You can complete your writing task easily with these hacks.


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