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Carpets You Would Love To Have Now

Extremely robust and 100% natural, these carpets are produced through a particular process that makes the fibers very compact, decidedly strong, durable over time and resistant to any type of wear, including that of trampling and fire, and to all kinds of stain.

Due to their solid construction, textile fiber sisal carpets are also useful for protecting the floor, even in the case of very delicate surfaces.

The sisal carpets, moreover, they are usually produced without dyeing and therefore lend themselves to any kind of decoration. Unlike other carpets in natural fiber, those in sisal are completely biodegradable and even in obtaining the raw materials they do not weigh on the ecosystem at all.

And if you are ready to furnish a new space or wish to renew it with the coming spring, you just have to choose your favorite model always paying attention to sizes, materials, colors and proportions , able to change, if not even upset completely the shape of a room.

Below we have compiled eight practical tips for you to choose the best rugs for your home: the next step is to imagine laying them on the floor and enjoying that pleasant feeling of comfort and harmony.

Why choose sisal carpets?

Thanks to their characteristics, sisal carpet offers, in terms of functionality and resistance, equal and sometimes even greater performance than traditional wool or synthetic fiber carpets.

Natural sisal carpet texture

For this reason, sisal carpets can be used in any context, especially if you love a natural style and want to respect the environment.Inside the home, sisal carpet offers numerous practical advantages. A very important advantage of these models is, for example, safety, all sisal carpets, in fact, are equipped with a non-slip bottom and guarantee a very firm position and grip on the floor.

Sisal carpet in the room

The sisal, then,forms a vegetal carpet capable of retaining the humidity present in the house making the air, inside the house, decidedly healthier and more pleasant.

Simple and elegant, carpets made of sisal are very suitable in environments where there are pets, since the fibers of the carpet do not retain the hair of dogs and cats and are able to resist even the attacks of feline nails.

Colors of the sisal carpets

From an aesthetic point of view, as already mentioned, these models, like all other natural fiber carpets, are the best choice for those who prefer a simple style and for lovers of rustic environments and the soft colors typical of nature.

Beige, brown but also red and orange are in fact themain shades of these carpets, with variations in pastel shades such as light blue or green.

In any case, the sisal carpet can fit perfectly into any context, from the most traditional to a modern and current one, adding a unique and original note each time.

  • The result is a discreet and elegant presence in every room of the house, thanks also to the usually geometric but always delicate motifs and decorations present on some carpets.
  • In some models it is possible to find a refined border that surrounds the carpet and which highlights its characteristic flat weave texture.

Also the large number of shapes and sizes available make the sisal carpet a versatile element in the home: round, square, rectangular, small or large, these carpets are successfully placed in living areas as well as in transit areas such as corridors and hallways.

Prices of sisal carpets

The cost of a sisal carpet is certainly variable and changes especially according to the size of the different models and the possible presence of particular decorative elements.


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