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9 Ideas Of Decorating Blank wall at office premises

Decorating the office has many angels to it, unlike home. With the office, the decorum and the elegance have to be maintained while experimenting with new creative ideas. Also, the subtle and unconscious impact that the new environment creates needs to be controlled.

Brand the wall

A blank wall at the office literally invites you to put out into the world what your office or company stands for. The wall can be fitted out with the logo and company name. Better still would be a visual representation of the company vision. It can get as varied and as creative as possible. Sticking to the objective of communicating the company’s tone, however, is a must.

Convey the Utility and efficiency

A blank wall can be used as the communal working corner or for a quick meet corner with a few props to write down. Just a few writing shelves fixed complete with pen and paper and that corner becomes a makeshift conference hall to hold quick voting or discussion or even to communicate certain key information to just a handful of people! When the office wall is utilised optimally, it gives out the message of effectiveness and efficiency. Good interior decorators in Bangalore can give limitless options of how best the wall can be put to use.

Splash some colours

True that a few splashes of colourful paint can make the wall lively, however, it is necessary to remember that no part of the office can exist in a silo. The overall décor should align with the colour scheme of the entire office. So decorating a wall in an office with just colours might have very limited options especially when the colours one chooses might have to be limited to the ones used in the official logo or branding.

Use the Height

The height of the wall can be very effectively used to enhance the aesthetics for two reasons. One because there is not much that one can do higher up on the wall. The second is that the décor higher up on the wall has less danger of people tampering with it or even wear and tear. So the props which can be fixed higher up on the wall can communicate the company tone with slightly expensive props as they stay longer.

Pin-up boards and whiteboards

A pin-up board with changing themes can invite a lot of contributions from the office. If incentivized and encouraged to share their children’s work, employees could develop a warm family kind of environment.  Keeping a whiteboard for quick makeshift meetings or goal-setting can also work wonders. The small reminders to the to-do list help boost productivity more than anything else.

Light them up

Lighting can play wonders with the look and decors especially if paired with the right colour scheme. The company brand or colours can be accentuated and the wall could become even the focal point of the whole office thanks to the décor. Few props high up on the wall won’t hurt either. Every top interior designers in Bangalore would vouch for the ultimate pairing of lighting and colour.

Display and Store books

Storage is often the biggest pain not only due to space but also because retrieving them is not easy. Shelves up on the wall with a clear catalogue or distinctions based on the department can help solve the issue. Also if on the wall, retrieving them is easier as people see them day in and day out. Books are the most useful and wonderful props. With floating shelves on the wall, displaying the best minds on them, they are absolutely unmatchable.

Create a fun corner

A wall can become an employee’s creative site. With few boards and sticking or pasting options, the wall can be turned into a volunteer corner too with people exploring their talents and even giving back to society. Later this could grow into CSR for the company.

Get green with potted plants

Sustainable greenery is the cry of the hour. Indoor potted plants can not only add a green touch to the wall but also help freshen up the air and keep the environment healthy. Green potted plants can be mounted on the wall or arranged on the floating shelves. With hydroponics, even soil-less plants are viable options.


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