6 Trends That Will Define The Future of Coworking

When coworking first began, the idea of like-minded yet separate parties coming together to work independently in the same space seemed bizarre. However, fast forward to the present, and coworking has redefined what we think of workspaces and working culture. Coworking spaces have grown to bring together freelancers, startups, small businesses, and even corporations to create more productive, flexible, and healthy work environments. By 2022, more than 6 million coworking parties will acquire over 10.3 million seats. 

Coworking spaces provided an escape from a traditional work environment and a solution to the isolation that remote workers experience. As coworking communities continue to grow, user needs will change, and therefore so will the spaces. Below we have identified six future trends that aim to serve the coworking population better:

1. Practical Designs Based on Research 

A lot of research is currently being invested in coworking spaces to understand how spaces are used. What type of workspaces is most popular? Are different spaces being used at different times of the day? Do increasing amounts of professions require other facilities? Artists will need studios or photography suites; some spaces now even feature empty rooms, so creatives have more freedom about what they can be used for. Coworking spaces continue to study how coworkers utilize their areas and try to optimize their interiors accordingly. 

2. Considerate Layout and Design

Coworking spaces are beginning to incorporate more nature or greenery into space design. It has been found that people find it easier to concentrate when working around plants. Nature is calming and increases the value of a space by making it feel more open and inviting; a bit of color in areas is simply lovely. Greenery also encourages more natural light; this would usually be achieved by incorporating skylights into the design. Coworking members are willing to pay more for a desk view; a view means natural light and fresh air flow. 

What does this mean for coworking space design? It means being more considerate about where workspaces are. Would these hotdesks receive more natural light in a different place? Is a bookshelf restricting light to people? Is there enough space for everyone? These can be tiny details, but they set excellent spaces apart from average ones. Some areas are hesitant to make changes as their current layout works, but it could be better! 

Art is another consideration more spaces are beginning to use. Generally, if you’re going to put art in a workplace, it’s recommended to use a calming bit of nature, such as a grassy area or a body of water, which also creates space. A lot of coworking is to do with improving worker wellbeing, and such pieces are said to reduce feelings of stress and anger. Furthermore, works of art are also used for wayfinding, which is helpful given how many different facilities an ample coworking space can have: a point of reference more helpful than “near the stairs” is great.

3. Rise of Green Coworking Spaces

Climate change is a central concern to the modern worker, and therefore they want their workspace to reflect that. Coworking spaces are currently looking for new ways to reduce waste. Sustainable changes can be achieved using zero-emission power supplies (solar power), non-toxic paint in the design, and an efficient recycling and disposal system. Coworkers want to use a space that reflects their values, and being more environmentally considerate is a trend that will only get stronger.   

4. COVID-19 Conscious Spaces

Another major consideration in coworking space design is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Coworking spaces tend to be roomy anyway, but this has become all the more important because of social distancing for COVID. There is also a need for good ventilation, which will be incorporated into the design of future coworking spaces. And, of course, it’s going to be crucial to keep on providing coworking spaces with plenty of hand sanitizer.

5. Integrating AI and IoT 

Integrating technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to take care of operations will create more efficient coworking spaces. Currently, several coworking spaces have dedicated AI-based applications to take care of database and operations management. 

In the future, these will further automate more aspects in a coworking space. Now, when we say everything, we are referring to even the smallest things. For example, there would be smart LED lights, air conditioning, and eventually even a smart coffee machine. According to Cisco, the American telecommunications giant, the global use of IoT devices will reach $15 trillion by 2030. Coworking spaces will be one of the first places to benefit from it. 

6. Corporates in Coworking Spaces:

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many workplaces going hybrid, which has made expensive offices less appealing to companies, leading to the appearance of corporates in coworking spaces, as companies search for cost-effective alternatives to their old offices. While coworking spaces are traditionally the domain of freelancers and startups, modern coworking spaces are built to include corporates as well, with hirable business centers and separate offices spaces, which come with the full range of office amenities.


The overarching theme is that coworking spaces will continue to become more specific to the needs of coworking members, bettering productivity, networking opportunities, and general wellbeing. 

There has been a rise in the demand for coworking communities in India, and many new coworking facilities are springing up. In case you’re looking for such coworking spaces, here are some of our recommendations:

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One Co.Work, New Delhi

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