3 Most Important Things in a Marriage

Many couples waited through the lockdown in 2020 to get married. Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam, Shilpa Rao, and Dia mirza are Bollywood Celebs Who Got Married In 2021. But long-lasting marriages are becoming a rarity now, evident from the declining number of people wanting to get married and rising famous bollywood divorce. Let’s find out what makes a happy marriage:

1) Commitment

Commitment comes at the top of the healthy marriage checklist. Marriage is a decision to stay committed to a person through all ups and downs of life. Feelings may come and go, but the determination to be together is what defines a healthy marriage. Being committed is easy when things are going great, but your will’s true strength is displaced when your marriage goes through turmoil.

2) Love

Marriage is a promise of loving each other for your whole life. Couples start their married life being in love, but maintaining this feeling requires effort, compromise, and generosity. True love means putting your partner’s wishes before yours. It involves unconditional giving and accepting and forgiving each other’s flaws.

3) Respect

Love is not fulfilled without respect. Respect comes from understanding your partner’s thoughts, opinions, and personality. Respecting your partner’s personality leads to the growth of admiration. Mutual respect also makes it easier to overcome differences and solve disagreements.

There are still more people who want to get married. List of Bollywood celebs who got married in 2021 is getting longer and makes us all dream of the big day in our lives. Jesse McCartney, Kyle Cooke, and Lilly Collins recently joined the list.

Despite your best efforts, at times, your marriage may seem to falter. These times test your love and commitment towards each other. But if you and your spouse can stand together at such times, you can make it work. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a marriage counselor if all else fails.


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