What Flowers to Send while Saying Sorry or Thank You?

What Flowers to Send while Saying Sorry or Thank You?

Flowers can make any occasion special. And when you want to ask for forgiveness or show gratitude, flowers would make the occasion extra special. Well, you would get an extra point while asking for forgiveness. And showing gratitude with flowers would convey your feelings themselves.

Thus choosing which flowers to gift and what not is quite a task in itself. Are there any special flowers for asking forgiveness? Well yes, there are and there are special flowers for saying thank you too.


The world looks more beautiful with roses. Being linked with love already they make a beautiful request or gift. Available in all colors they are the most fragrant flowers. Many people love the smell of rose thus you would not have to worry about its likeness. It is available all around the country and you can order flower delivery in Pune


Representing devotion lilies prove to be best for apologizing. You can also send it while you have to say thank you. Each different-colored lily stands for a different message. Thus you can use white lilies for apologizing and other colored lilies to say thank you.

Lucky Orchid

With its delicate looks, an orchid can win anyone’s heart in one glimpse.  It is the best flower to give anyone whether it is your parents, teachers, friends, soulmate. You can even give it to your in-laws because it has a graceful and respectful appearance. It is famous in our country too, thus ordering flower delivery in Hyderabad for a lucky orchid.


The unique tulip is unique because of its appearance. Available in various colors to choose from you can order flower delivery in Lucknow for tulips now. Blooming in spring symbolizes love and affection. Thus, you can gift it while saying thank you. The yellow and orange tulips can make the perfect apology.


Daisy is said to be a flower that can evoke feelings. Being told that you can gift Daisy while apologizing. With its appealing looks, it proves to be a flower that stands for innocence. Therefore you can use it to show your gratitude towards your parents, partners or friends. It can be a perfect flower to give to anyone whether they are older or younger than you.


Hyacinth has an elegant carrying look, and blue hyacinth stands for peace. Representing the truth they top the list of the best flowers for apologizing. You can add it to the bouquet to give it a mesmerizing look. You can surprise them by ordering it online, flower delivery in Lucknow is available for hyacinth.

 Star of Bethlehem

With this impressive name, the star of Bethlehem has the purest white color. It represents reconciliation thus you can choose it to convey your feeling while apologizing. Add a sorry note to it or make breakfast in bed to make the moment extra special for your partner.

Ivy flower

Not a mainstream choice but you can give it to your unique partner. It would reflect the fact that your partner is only for you. So, buy a bouquet of ivy to impress your partner. You can even arrange a candlelight dinner if planning to apologize at night.


The beautiful bright blue campanula flower represents gratitude. It is also available in colors like white blue purple and pink. Also known as Bellflower because of its bell-like appearance this flower looks exotic. You can use these impressive flowers for apologizing too. Its idyllic, simple and delightful nature would make the atmosphere of your room light.

Sweet peas

With such a sweet name sweet peas have their way to communicate emotions. Add it to a bouquet and make it look more special. They do not only look beautiful but also carry a sweet smell. Thus, whether apologizing for saying thank you, this flower can make your moment a bit romantic. Thus, think no more about this flower and give it a shot.


Hydrangeas make the perfect flower bouquet. It is available in colors like blue white and peach. So you can order a single colored flower bouquet or multicolored flower bouquet. It smells beautiful even when dried so your gift would stay for a long time with the receiver.

Flowers are the perfect choice for any occasion since the era. The Internet has made it really easy for us to avail of the sweet and vigorous flowers at our required times wherever we want from the best florist stores linked with online mediums.



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