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Why Should You Customize Granite Countertops? – Silver Marble

Granite countertops are really beautiful and sturdy features for just about any bathroom or kitchen. When they’re customized for your house, they create an enormous statement. Consider ordering countertops that are specifically designed for your house or business. They’ll help your kitchen and bathrooms into elegant and lengthy-lasting spaces which will impress both you and your visitors each day.

But when countertops can be found in ready-cut slabs, why would you personalize your personal? Why order custom granite countertops in Marietta if you’re able to go to a local store and bring them home today? Listed here are 4 excellent reasons.

Custom Counters really are a Must for Custom Spaces

To begin with, custom granite countertops really are a necessity should you elect to achieve the following:

  1. Custom bathroom vanities
  2. Waterfall and bullnose-edged countertops
  3. Reclaimed and repurposed pieces that require a fitted countertop
  4. An abnormally formed kitchen
  5. Counters which have 45-degree curves or rounded curves
  6. Custom bars, particularly in outside kitchens
  7. Granite cutting boards
  8. Granite handrails
  9. Countertops for furniture
  10. Abnormally large bathroom vanities
  11. Space-conscious bathroom vanities
  12. Corner counters
  13. Countertops for custom kitchen islands
  14. Customizing Color

5 Most Common Types of Granite Countertops

Whenever you personalize granite countertops, you get them organized to become cut right out the slab, instead of provided from the showroom. Quite simply, instead of purchasing from a restricted selection, you could have almost any shade of granite the earth provides, including:

  • Blue
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Crimson
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Deep blue

Pearly white-colored

Diverse mixes of the aforementioned colors (limitless options)

An Ideal Match

So as to be along with your bathroom or kitchen perfectly, your countertops have to be an ideal match. This means that they must be customized to complement colored and stylistic features using the following:

  • Cabinetry
  • Wall paint
  • Hardware, including handles and latches
  • Flooring
  • The restroom mirror
  • Appliances
  • Decorative touches
  • Trim and baseboards
  • Lights

The general type of your bathroom and kitchen (Contemporary, Maritime, French Provincial, etc.)

Perfect Functionality

Whenever you personalize countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms, you like probably the most functional and spacious countertops for your requirements. You are able to personalize your kitchen area countertops to possess extra:

  • Meal prep space
  • Bar dining space
  • Office work area
  • Eat-in kitchen dining
  • Countertop storage
  • Coffee prep space
  • Room to create out food family-style
  • Decorative countertops for displaying china

You may also have extra countertop space in your bathroom focused on:

  • Holding shower or bath caddies
  • Vanity and makeup mirrors
  • Displaying hygienic products
  • Displaying candle lights, incense, along with other decorative products
  • Enlarging the area between your sinks in double vanities

To put it simply, customizing your personal countertops is the easiest method to personalize any room for your wishes. Not just are custom countertops essential for certain kinds of spaces, but ordering your personal granite is the easiest method to find a number of shades of granite, suit your countertops for their surroundings, and make probably the most functional counters for just about any room.

The first thing to optimizing your kitchen area and each bathroom in your house or clients are finding the right outlet for custom granite countertops in Marietta. Search for granite experts having a diverse online portfolio, excellent reviews, and readiness to operate based on your house’s style and requirements.

Revive the Appearance of Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Would you like to upgrade the design for your kitchen area? To bring back the kitchen’s look, granite countertops in Edmonton include a special role to experience. Countertops are an easy way to change your kitchen’s appearance and extend the existence of the cabinets.

Obtainable in a vivid number of tones, colors, textures, and patterns, granite countertops are relatively simple to set up. They not just reflect your look but could also fully accommodate your meal preparation needs. They’re some solid investment to upscale your house decor.

The colors of these countertops could be simple or high-fashioned according to your requirements. Because of so many colors, patterns, and mineral inclusions available, locating a countertop that suits the design for your kitchen area is certainly no problem for house owners.

Benefits of Granite Countertops

Highly respected for scratch and stain-resistant features, such accessories will also be durable, tough, and free of maintenance costs. This is actually the primary reason homes with granite countertops could be offered at greater cost tags. Now, comes an investment. Well, the costs usually vary when it comes to project, location, and contractor. Particularly, the greater intricate designs you select with thicker slabs and furthermore, essential for uniform patterning the countertops will progressively lead to hefty costs.

In addition, kitchen granite countertops vary within their finishes too. They may be either polished, honed, or flamed. Each one of the results of the method in the stone looks unique and various. Here described would be the different finishes of each one of the countertops to help you make an educated decision prior to the purchase:


It’s the most typical finish and it is broadly appreciated around the globe. It appears elegant and it is low maintenance. Its sparkling appearance adds to its beauty and may even highlight all of the shades within the stone.


It’s new in trend and it is becoming more and more popular. Although the finish is smooth, the stone seems to become less shiny in comparison to the polished finish. Its less shimmering style will your house decor a far more casual and contemporary feel.


Such a finish is produced by exposing the stone to cause problems, adopted by the high cooling method. The procedure enables the stone to melt and also the crystals shatter. This provides the stone a wealthy and textured surface.

To purchase high-quality granite countertops, shopping online is regarded as the very best. Browse several websites and buy the one which suits your requirements and the elegance of the kitchen

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