What makes Nakuru City Outstanding Investment Area

Every Kenyan with a keen eye for real estate investment should tap into the vast potential that Nakuru County has. Nakuru city enjoys a strategic location along the Nairobi-Malaba highway which has made it experience massive growth in infrastructure and real estate investments by Kenyans living both locally and abroad.

Below are key factors that have made Nakuru a top real estate investment destination in Kenya.

Fastest Growing Urban Centre

The UN-Habitat listed Nakuru as one of the fastest-growing urban centres in East and Central Africa owing to its central location. Nakuru is also the fourth largest city in Kenya and the second richest county after Nairobi with a 6.1 percent share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) according to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics

Key Infrastructural Developments

The county has a newly built Multi-Million shilling Kunste Interchange at the Nyahururu turn-off that has eased traffic as you get into Nakuru city and provides a scenic view of the town. The Njoro interchange along the Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret highway has completely spruced up the face of Nakuru city. Nakuru – Nairobi highway is also set to be expanded to a dual carriage and this is expected to ease traffic load along the busy highway. Nakuru has witnessed the emergence of factories, most recently with the recent launch of a cement factory along the Nakuru – Eldoret highway.

The Youngest City in Kenya

The elevation of Nakuru to a city saw the World Bank give NakuruKsh 1 billion for urban growth projects as the town gears up to become a city. This has effectively made Nakuru attract both local and foreign investors making it grow in leaps and bounds.

Upcoming Airport

Construction of a Ksh 3 billion airport by The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) in Nakuru is set to begin soon. This will increase air transport for people and facilitate the export of agricultural goods.

High Appreciation of Land Prices

Nakuru County saw its land prices rise by an average of 12.7 percent according to the County Land Price Report. This has seen real estate investors reap massive benefits from their investments.

Affordable Residential land Near Nakuru City

The city has an area that has very affordable land for sale with prices below Ksh 1 million near Nakuru city and along key highways such as Nakuru – Eldoret highway.

Strategic location

The county’s strategic location is another advantage the county intends to use to market itself as an ideal investment destination for all type of investors hungry for Nakuru.

Nakuru is located about 150 kilometres from Nairobi, 150 kilometres from Eldoret and the same distance from Nyeri. Nakuru seems to make best use of its strategic location

The plots are majorly residential, value-added, and with ready title deeds. Land close to the town is affordable and most have flexible payment plans of even up-to one year giving time to investors to acquire land with ease. With the county enjoying favorable weather, investors are able to venture into agriculture and reap benefits.


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