What Is The History Of The Education Minister In Punjab?

What Is The History Of The Education Minister In Punjab?

Punjab is the state where the Congress party has won in the election held in the current year. The CM Charanjit Singh Channi has been appointed by many of the cabinet ministers for maintaining the various departments. In that, the post of education minister punjab is given to the Pargat Singh. He is a former hockey player and also the captain of the Indian team. Now after their retirement in hockey, he has been selected as the MLA in Jalandhar. The chief minister has appointed him as the education minister because of his knowledge and hard work.

What is the role of the education minister?

This person is providing the complete service for the poor and the middle-class children and even for the orphans and disabled students to get the education. It is a more helpful one for the students to get an education at an affordable rate. The transition of the old classes into the modern one is also done by him and that has brought more interest in the education for the students. Since he does not want his state to be lagging in education he has provided many of the interesting schemes and services for bringing the illiterate up. Equal education for all is the goal of him and he is working on it constantly. The policy, control, and management of the schools and other institutes are the main responsibility of this minister. He is one among eighteen cabinet ministers. He was also the director of the school and the education institutes before.

What is his recent speech?

Recently he has provided the news report to the media and in that, he has told that he is ready to boost the education policy and maintain them. So for that, he is ready to recruit many of the teachers who are mostly vacant in the government schools. His dream is to bring the government schools to be like the private ones is his main goal. He has been taken charge in this minter job in the September month only where the chief minister allocated him the education department. This is a great achievement for him because of the fame that he has got in the Indian national hockey team.

What is his previous job?

This famous education minister punjab called Pargat Singh is the previous hockey player. He was then appointed as the SP and became the Punjab police. He is then started to nominate himself in the Jalandhar Cantt legislative as he has interested in politics. The nomination is under the party called SAD. After that, he and the Navjot Singh Sidhu have formed the party called Aawaaz-e Punjab.  Then he joined the national congress committee. His political career is great and more interesting and hopes he will explore more and more interesting things. He has worked as the vice president of the Surjit Singh memorial hockey tournament society. He is also worked as the general secretary of hockey in the Punjab state.


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