Acer Restricts Its Business In Russia

Acer Restricts Its Business In Russia

Acer is a big name when it comes to the latest and feature-oriented products. Taiwan Tech Firm Acer also said that it is going to halt all its business in Russia after Taipei has truly expanded sanctions over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Have you been wondering about it? Here, we are going to share detailed information indeed.

Self-ruled Taiwan has been watching the conflict in Ukraine closely and swiftly joined the international sanctions against Russia. Moreover, the invasion has truly heightened fears that China probably one day follows through on threats to annex its smaller neighbour.

Acer mentioned in a statement it has truly decided to suspend its business in Russia because of the current developments. Acer is a big brand. And suspending its business in Russia is being appreciated by others. Moreover, the company is truly emphasizing on the safety of all its employees including ongoing efforts in order to impart to every individual and its families impacted by its current situation. Being a reputed company, Acer always wants to do the best for its customers.

Taiwan’s government currently listed 57 “strategic high-tech commodities” subjected to tighter export controls including computers, avionics and telecoms devices as well as equipment in the context of making semiconductors.

Exporters truly seek prior approval from the Bureau of Foreign Trade if they truly wish to ship the controlled items to Russia. The island is a reputed manufacturing hub in the context of microchips and home to the world’s largest contract chipmaker, TSMC.

Last month, another prominent Taiwanese computer maker Asus announced that its shipments to Russia were “at a standstill” because of the war. Acer’s announcement came days after Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov published a letter to Asus chairman Journey Shih calling on the firm to “end any relationships” with Russia.

Fedorov, who is also Ukraine’s digital minister, has urged multinational tech companies including Intel, PayPal and Microsoft in order to halt operations in Russia. Taiwan PC maker Acer has taken this decision because of the recent development. Now, it has truly suspended its services. The company is truly serious in the context of the safety of all its employees including ongoing efforts to cater for every individual and its families impacted by the current situation.

Acer is known for hoping its peace would be restored as soon as possible. Here, it needs to mention that Acer’s thoughts are with the affected folks and it is putting its best efforts to work with many international agencies and NGOs following humanitarian support. They always want the best for their employees.

Moreover, the Acer office in Russia will truly remain open in the context of basic information and service purposes. But it does not need any support for any sales transactions following an Acer spokesperson. It means if people do need any sort of services, they would be provided. It shows that Acer has always been the best for its employees. They truly meant for its customers and never let them leave in a state of confusion.


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