Types of Edible Cake Decorations To Beautify Your Cake

Cakes are a true delight to the eyes and the tongue. What appeals most are the  cake decorations that make the cake look  more amazing and delicious. While you can decorate a cake as per your own  creativity, there are a lot of edible decorations in the market that make cake decorating much easier and  simpler. From cute confetti decorations to cake sparkles, whether it is a birthday cake or a Christmas one these decorations will surely enhance the look of your cake and make it look even more appealing and beautiful. Here are some edible and fancy cake decorations that go well with every cake and manage to surprise your loved ones with online cake delivery in Coimbatore and other major cities.

Sanding Sugar:

Mostly used for decoration of cakes for children. These edible decorations are used to decorate cakes with fairies and dolls and also used on colorful cakes. Sanding sugar is available in different colors and also available in a shimmering texture. Beautiful tones of gold, silver, lavender, pink and others are also available. Rainbow sanding sugar is also available and trending these days.


A decorative confectionery of tiny balls made with sugar and starch, these balls are used for enhancing the beauty of the cake. Now available in many colors, these are a miniature  version of comfits. Available in all colors you can find green, lavender, lime green, blue and black pareils. You can even find mixed pareils that are trendy in the market these days.


Available in different shapes and sizes, confetti makes a cake look different and colorful. Cute confetti shapes like that of a bat, leaf, little butterflies, candy canes, hearts and confetti suitable for every occasion are also available. A great addition to a cake, confettis make for amazing decoration stuff that gives a completely different look to the cake.

Cake Sparkles:

Used specifically for decoration purposes, cake sparkles add all the glamor and glitz to the cake. Cake sparkles are used to decorate the toppings on the cake and make it look sparkly, and glittery perfect for your child’s birthday or women’s day Cakes. Cake sparkles are a great addition to your treat and make its look attractive.

Sugar Pearls:

Pearls are a gorgeous addition to a cake and are popular for wedding cake designs. You can spend money for buying those tiny little drops or customize the size as per your own  preference. You can also make these pearls in different colors be it silver, green, yellow, gray and decorate your cake with these amazing delights.

Candy Beads And Shapes:

Candy beads make for amazing cake decoration and add to the beauty of the cake. Candy beans look fascinating and attractive on a cake and add an altogether different look on the delicacy. Candy beads are fun and can give a very colorful appearance to any cake of your choice.

Gourmet Gumballs:

Gumballs are delicious additions to a cake and can add a very colorful vibe to the cake. Available in all colors, gumballs are sweet sugar delights that can be added on every type of cake. You can add gumballs to a lip-smacking kit-kat cake or to a vibrant cake for your kids and see them fall in love with it completely.

Icing Eyes:

If you are planning to arrange for a cake that has a teddy or a cute puppy that requires eyes, you can use icing eyes that look cute and adorable and add a real touch to the cake. Icing eyes are easily available in the market and are a trendy addition to your cake.

Well, these edible sugar decorations not only add style and elegance to the cake but also give it a very colorful and funky look. These sugar decorations make your cake look more beautiful and exotic and are  must try if you are planning to prepare a cake at home.


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