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Smart home trend and interior designing in India 2022

Smart homes are becoming popular day by day, the growth of internet technology and smartphones has changed the concept of interior design. The new and innovative discoveries in smart equipment are redefining the concepts of homes and interior design, smart homes are becoming more popular among tech-savvy youngsters and adopting new smart technology has become the need of the hour.

Hindustan Times reported that as of 2020, 67% more Indian households are using Alexa than they were the previous year. These voice-based assistants are available in almost all equipment from refrigerators to laptops and from television to cars, making human life much easier and more convenient.

Smart Kitchen appliances

The main objective of the smart kitchen is to save time and energy at the same time they are sustainable and efficient. Kitchen Interior Design In Bangalore appliances will become smarter with the technology Refrigerators, ovens, air fryers, and chimneys will change the concept of the traditional kitchen setup. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera and software laden appliances are becoming normal and they can offer you a wide range of facilities. With a smart refrigerator, you can control the temperature from anywhere in the world. These appliances can remember your favourite cooking technique and will be able to notify you if something goes wrong.

Demand for robots to grow

Robots can help in cleaning, and dusting the house and are also able to perform other mundane household chores, with increased research and development in this field, robots cleaning the house will become a common sight. The demand for robots increased tremendously during the pandemic and as technology will grow more and more advanced robots will assist humans in their household chores Budget Interior Design Bangalore.

Smart devices for healthcare

Smart devices can keep a record of your health and fitness and, these devices are making a place for itself in every household. After the pandemic people have become more conscious of their health and fitness. Smart home devices to assist humans in their health and fitness will grow in coming times and will become an inseparable part of interior design.

challenges to smart technology

There is no doubt that smart technology has improved the living standards of humans. However, this technology has its own shortcomings and is also fallible.

Here we are sharing a few shortcomings of smart homes.

Security threat

Smart appliances work on intricate software programmes and, with the aid of internet technology, these appliances are vulnerable to hackers and can pose a serious security threat. For instance, in smart home locks, if hackers will get access to the lock they can create a serious security problem.

Child safety and Smart devices

With increased dependency on smart appliances children are at risk; recent instances have shown that voice-based assistants can pose a serious threat to children. In America a voice-based assistant has asked a girl to put a meal coin in a switch board as a challenge when her parents were not around. So, this technology is still not perfect and requires major changes to make it more safe and secure.


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