6 Reasons Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Kids

No doubt smartphones, tablets, and the internet are convenient ways for parents to distract their kids. However, they are not very good for their physical and mental health and well-being. Research has shown that kids who spend more than two hours staring at the cell phone or TV screen every day score very low on thinking, cognitive, and language tests.

Longer screen time risks both your child’s health as well as future and as a parent, it is your responsibility to minimize this time and put it into something creative and educational.

Here are a few reasons why too much screen time can ruin your child

  • It Reduces Sensory Stimulation

Brains of younger kids are rapidly increasing both in size and functionality. Kids mainly learn and grow from the sensory interactions that they have with the environment. By sitting in front of a screen all day, your kid doesn’t get this sensory stimulation that makes him/her dull.

This affects the brain development of your child greatly which can create many issues down the line.

  • Poor Communication Skills

Too much screen time on streaming sites like kisscartoon rick and morty makes kids passive and they become less efficient in expressing their emotions due to lack of practice. Good communication skill is an essential tool to survive in these fast-moving times and longer screen time leaves no room for kids to practice this at all.

Sitting passively in front of a screen destroys the kids’ ability to operate in the real world and to face its challenges head-on.

  •  Obesity

Obesity is an ever-growing problem, especially in western society and the number of obese kids is higher than ever. One of the main reasons for that is the excessive screen time and no physical activity of the kids.

Sitting in front of the TV, watching movies, or playing video games for hours can make your kid fat and this can further cause various health risks including respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

  • Behavioral Problems

Kids who watch TV and other types of screens excessively have higher rates of developing behavioral conditions such as ADHD, OCD, and other attention and social issues.

All these issues can affect your child’s performance both at school as well as home. On the other hand, managing the screen time of your kids can make them sharp, healthy, and more active.

  • Deterioration in School Grades

All the time that your kid is sitting in front of the screen is actually being taken from the time he needs to do his homework and other school tasks. If you do not come up with a strict screen time schedule, your kid will never be motivated to actually do what is more important.

If you do not limit the screen time of your kid, you will be putting his/her future at risk and that is the last thing that any parent wants for their kids. Excessive screen time is directly related to lower grades and the sooner you realize it the better.

  • Sleep Deprivation Risks

The blue light emitted from screens affects your child’s sleep-wake cycle which can be a big problem if not handled with care. Poor sleeping patterns if persist for a long time can affect your child’s productivity greatly.

Watching highly visually stimulating content before sleeping can result in sleep deprivation. This is why instead of watching shows and movies on sites like movierulz, kids should be encouraged to put down their screens at least an hour before their bedtime. This will help them get better sleep and to wake up with more energy to take on the new day.

Final Thoughts

So, these are just a few reasons why too much screen time is bad for your kids. If you consider yourself a caring and responsible parent, you need to make sure your kids do not sit in front of screens the entire time and that they get regular physical exercises.

By making your kids do physical activities and encouraging them to use their cognitive muscles more often, you can turn them into amazing human beings who are both physically as well as mentally fit.         


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