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Hymenoplasty in Punjab

Hymenoplasty in Punjab

Hymen Repair, the virginity procedure, Hymenorrhaphy, all point to Hymen Reconstruction these are all names of hymen repair. The surgical procedure of Hymenoplasty is commonly performed in gynaecology centers and practised by the best professional surgeons for safety. Due to cultural and social demands, many girls and women opt for the procedure and want to restore the hymen. to restore their virginity before marriage the procedure is mostly taken by women these days. the remaining hymen is sutured together and surgical treatment will be done for the creation of new hymen. Well, it is created from the surrounding tissue that sheds blood in case a woman engages in sexual intercourse.

What is a Hymen?

A hymen is a thin membrane in the vagina opening which is shaped like a ring and sheds blood at the time of intercourse.  Yes, when a virgin girl or woman engages in deep sexual intercourse for the first time it sheds blood a causes the sign of purity in society. the hymen and shedding of blood on the wedding nightare hopping from For generations, having engaged in sexual intercourse has been a sign of purity and virginity and is demanded also due to social values.

But it is also a belief that some girls or women are born without a hymen or others lose the hymen through strenuous or athletic activities and their body can’t function like this. The size and shape of the hymen vary from one woman to another and depend on various factors. as some may feel pain and shed blood on their first sexual engagement, some others won’t feel any such feeling during the first intercourse process.

Generally, the hymen is partially closed during puberty and the same will be followed till the first intercourse. The hole in the hymen helps to release menstrual blood. when one engages in first sex the blood flow automatically releases due to the hymen getting raptured. In this situation, the hymen is completely opened/ruptured.

Hymenoplasty in Punjab is followed by the best surgeons to create a new hymen in the women’s bodies as a sign of virginity to them

Hymen Reconstruction Procedure

There are two approaches to Hymenoplasty Surgery in  PunjabItis performed under local anaesthesia and generic medications.

Steps of Restoring the hymen

  • An examination is conducted
  • The ruptured parts of the hymen were checked and identified
  • The identification is done through magnification
  • the different layers of the hymen are identified by the magnification process.
  • The layers are stitched using dissolvable sutures for healing.
  • The removable stitches can be used and will fall off once the hymen is healed completely
  • For the menstrual blood flow, the aperture of the hymen is left open and the process is complete.

The Basic Hymenoplasty Surgery

This surgery will only require stitching of the remaining pieces of the hymen and it is a simple process. It takes at least 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia and the patient will be discharged on the same day. You will remain in the recovery room for about 4 hours before you are discharged to check the healing process.


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