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Symptoms and stages of Adolescent Addiction

Speaking of the drug addiction disease in young people, it should be understood that it has its own details. It is expressed in the reasons for drug use, in the course of the disease and in the development of addiction, in the influence the disease has on the whole subsequent life of a teenager. And the behavior of modern children and adolescents in drugs does not provide an opportunity to develop happy illusions on this topic. An anonymous test showed students that sixty percent of them would not object to a drug test if given the opportunity. The results of the survey also suggest a way out of this situation – it is necessary to actively avoid drug addiction and join the best DeAddiction Centre in Mumbai to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Young people are often unaware of the true state of affairs. They want to experience something new, have fun, have fun. For some, it is an opportunity to feel older or to do something that is forbidden “beyond” adults. It usually causes drug addiction in young people.

At the same time, adolescents and young adults often do not understand the full risk of drug addiction. They do not know anything about the peculiarities of the disease, about the effects of the drug on human health, about the fact that even 2-3 uses can cause irreversible damage to the body.

Ignorance needs to be eliminated

It turns out that in order for a teenager to be more protected, not to fall victim to experiments on illicit substances, he or she must be informed in a timely manner. Reliable information delivered in an adequate manner can be a factor that will leave the development of adolescent drug addiction.

How do you know if your child is using drugs?

Any drug affects the human body and his whole life. Behavioral changes, in social life, gradually begin deteriorating health. If you notice at least one of the signs of drug use, which is listed below, then there is a reason to be careful. If you see two or three signs, you should immediately seek help from specialists. Delay is not appropriate here.

Behavioral changes

  • The social life of the teenager has changed dramatically. Old friends are coming in and calling less and less. To newcomers, he tries not to speak in front of adults.
  • The coordination of movements changed. They become too sharp or, conversely, too slow, an unstable walk may follow.
  • Less and you see your child. The young man disappeared somewhere, and on his way home, he locked himself for a long time in the bathroom or in his room.
  • The mood of adolescent drug addiction changes dramatically, pleasure can be replaced by sudden non-aggressive aggression. Of course, adolescence implies some instability of the state of mind, but if it exceeds the norm, you need to think about the reasons.
  • The teenager begins to ask for more money, may steal money or valuables.

Physiological change

  • Sudden change in appetite: a teenager may not eat anything, and then start eating a lot. All of these are accompanied by various digestive disorders from diarrhea to constipation.
  • Problems with sleep, sleep and waking up can be completely interrupted. For example, a teenager does something all night and then sleeps all day. Insomnia appears, insomnia for several days in a row.
  • The child may have a cough that is not medicated, as well as bad breath.
  • A teenager’s eyes can have strange expressions, unusual brightness and student size.

Appearance changes

  • In teenagers, it is customary to dress modestly and take care of themselves, but suddenly the child stops paying attention to his appearance. The look has become slippery, sometimes the clothes don’t change for many days. The wardrobe is dominated by dark colors and models with long sleeves. They are necessary if the drug is injected to hide the injection marks.
  • The appearance of the skin changes, it becomes an unhealthy color, a rash, sores, bruises may appear. The appearance of hair with drug addiction also worsens, they fade.
  • Items of unknown purpose will appear in the apartment: foil, burn spoons, syringes.

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