How to Perform a Content Audit with Website Comparison Tool?

Website Comparison Tool

How to Perform a Content Audit with Website Comparison Tool?

A diligent site audit can offer considerable insights into the website’s blog and content marketing strategy that surpasses its boring reputation if conducted every year.

Website comparison is crucial to remain up-to-date, fresh, and relevant even after many years. Website developers must not finish their job after posting but return to their web pages periodically to edit, update, or remove the documents.

Some Useful Facts about Content Audit A Website Creator Should Know

Content and SEO audit checks for all the content on a website and assess its strengths and weaknesses to prioritize marketing activities in the future. The evaluation and qualitative assessment are based on Key Performance Indicators that are already selected.

A content audit is different from content inventory. Inventory is the mere accounting of numerous assets. However, a quantitative collection is part of the audit process. But, an audit is a more profound activity. The Content Analysis Tools break the content inventories.

The auditing process helps one to focus on plans and efforts in terms of both content marketing perspective and Search Engines Optimization. An audit offers insight into probable changes that helps develop the sale, lead generation, and marketing processes for a particular brand.

Advantages of Content Audit: Why should web page owners go for it?

People conduct an audit for various reasons. But, there’s no one set formula or approach to achieving a content audit. Auditors alter the steps they undertake as per convenience and necessity.

Often people involved in content marketing aren’t sure about the quality of their blogging, releasing infographics, or creating videos. They cannot decide whether all the stuff will pay off in the future. As a result, they choose to perform a content audit to check how the individual content pieces perform. They can also decide on matters that require improvement.

Some of the Best Reasons behind Conducting Content Audits

Often people wonder why they should use their money for conducting audits. There are two primary reasons to conduct an audit. What are those? Well, here are both for you:

  1. Reasons for Conducting SEO Audit

Performing a content audit related to SEO helps identify the weak spots in a website’s search engine optimization. One must compare texts. They can form a catalog with word counts, keywords, optimized images, and other necessary elements linked to every content asset on a specific site. One can compare them to the current page rankings and improve a site’s natural search performance. Usually, most of the traffic comes from organic searches to the sites. One must conduct this business exercise annually for the most accurate result.

  1. Why should go for Content Marketing 

Another reason to perform an audit is to weigh the current status regarding the content marketing efforts. One must consider some page optimization factors to concentrate on includes metrics, page length, and social shares to determine the audience’s response to each content piece one has created.

Often, people conduct both of the processes together. While digging through the SEO metrics, one must keep all the content marketing data at hand. People can perform content auditing from different perspectives also. A straightforward game plan always helps to streamline a process and minimize extra effort.

Resources to Make Available for Content Audit

A genuine content audit takes much time. The real-time bounce rate determines the number of users that visit a page and remain on the pages of a website. When the bounce rate is lower, it signifies the low quality of content and vice versa.

  • Identifying ways to improve organic search performance is helpful.
  • One must locate the past content marketing pieces that have performed best.
  • Choosing topics according to the audience choice.
  • Pointing out gaps in various stages of the sales funnel.
  • Discovering pages for the consolidation of overlapping content is necessary.
  • One must highlight pages with deep impressions but low conversions.
  • Generating innovative concepts for upcoming content pieces is beneficial.
  • After creation, one must often visit and do away with content that is no longer valid for the niche, business, or corporate culture anymore.

Know the Audit Process

Step 1 – one must create a Spreadsheet of all the content assets

Step 2 – gather asset data of adequate proportion

Step 3 – analyze the collected data

Some Information About the Role of Content Audit Tools

The content audit tools like screaming frog collect data through questionnaires, surveys, interviews, direct observations, and focus groups. One needs to follow some easy steps to find out website performance. Selecting sections of a website that needs an audit, identifying pages with poor performance, and taking necessary actions for updating the content are some of them. Lastly, connecting the Google Analytics account can help with more accurate data. It showcases the number of visits for all external pieces sent to the sites.

Often people wonder about the ways to determine the next significant content release direction.

One must choose a unique service or product for better acceptability. Remember that there are similar websites with which one needs to compete. One can conduct an audit of a competitor’s content and thereby assess one’s own. However, the processes have some limitations. For example, a few metrics can’t be included without having direct access to the accounts or website.

Bounce rate, conversion rate, and average time on page are difficult to find without using the marketing automation account or site’s Google Analytics profile. One can examine the number of links that point to a competitor’s pages, measure social shares, and track the metrics.

Key Takeaways on Content Audit

On the final note, remember that a content audit is not a one-off process conducted once in a blue moon. People must apply this mindset to both the website content and the marketing channels they use.

A mindful inventorying of the remaining content and clarifying the data one has accumulated for each item helps to make informed marketing decisions. It also saves time and energy, cuts expenditures, promotes a brand, and improves overall advertising ROI.

However, nobody can find a one-size-fits-all strategy for all kinds of content auditing. Marketers use many approaches, routes, shapes, and scopes. The requirements and goals of a website must be taken into consideration.


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