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How to Choose a Wall Oven Size and Type

How to Choose a Wall Oven Size and Type

Wall ovens are preferred in many households as they are a very convenient option and enhance the kitchen decor design. These ovens have a conventional look and are available in various styles and colours. You can install them in small and compact kitchen designs as well.

What size should you purchase?

Before buying a wall oven, it is crucial to determine the size of the wall oven you want for your kitchen decor design. They can be distinguished into three categories: single, double, and oven/microwave. You should choose one depending on your needs.

Single: If you are looking for the smallest option available, you should choose a single wall oven. They have a very compact design and easily fit under a counter or cooktop. This helps to maximise the space in your kitchen interior design and make it appear organised. Single wall ovens have only one cooking zone and are considered ideal if you do not cook too often.

Double: If a single wall oven is not sufficient for your cooking needs and you need a bigger size, you should opt for double wall ovens. There are two installation methods used for installing double wall ovens: side by side and one on top of the other. They offer more flexibility by allowing you to cook multiple dishes at once. However, you have to ensure that the size appropriate for the kitchen interior design.

Oven/Microwave: An oven/microwave-combo wall oven is used in many households. There are two types of oven/microwave-combo wall ovens: one can perform all the tasks in the same cooking zone and another that has separate parts where one is used as an oven and the other is used as a microwave. If you need both an oven and a microwave in your kitchen, opting for this is better than buying them separately.

What type of fuel does it require?

Wall ovens can be operated using both electricity and gas. While traditional wall ovens feature gas, modern wall ovens are powered by electricity. They both have advantages and drawbacks.


If you are looking for energy-efficient and environment-friendly options, you should consider buying wall ovens that are fueled by natural gas. Compared to electric wall ovens, gas ovens prove to be a little more expensive. However, they consume less energy and help in saving electricity. As a result, you save more money. But, gas wall ovens require a gas pipeline in your home. If you do not have it, you have to get it installed. The installation process might cost you a lot of money.


In most kitchen decor designs, electric wall ovens are used by homeowners. They use electricity as their source of energy. Compared to gas wall ovens, you have better control over the temperature while operating electric wall ovens. Further, they are more useful for bakers and chefs. However, using electric wall ovens can prove to be more expensive when compared to gas wall ovens as they consume a lot of energy.

What are the various features?

You will find numerous cutting-edge features in wall ovens, especially in the modern electric wall ovens. These user-friendly features are designed to ensure a better cooking experience for you. Check if the wall oven you are choosing has these features or not:

Self-Cleaning: Many wall ovens come with a self-cleaning feature that makes the cleaning process very convenient. It uses extreme temperatures to get rid of food residues left behind. You can just wipe the insides clean after the process is complete.

Digital display: It is always better to opt for wall ovens that have a digital temperature display. It will help you to monitor the wall oven’s temperature.

Soft-close door: The soft-close door will ensure that the door of the wall oven does not get slammed hard. Otherwise, the wall oven can get damaged. This feature controls the closing speed and shuts the door softly.

A timer: Timers are available in most modern wall ovens. This feature eliminates the need for constantly monitoring the food while cooking. The cooking will stop when the timer is over.

Wi-Fi: Many modern wall ovens have wifi that allows you to control it using a smartphone.


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