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How Health Cards are Important For Our Life

Health is a major cause of concern in modern times, and one cannot take it lightly. Medical expenses have shot up, and insurances have often fallen short of keeping people covered. In these trying times, what one needs is a health card that helps in paying off medical expenses within a specified period. You can download health card such as the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card and access all the benefits it has to offer.

These cards can be used in 1000+ cities and at numerous partner hospitals. The benefits include coverage for every health need from dental and eye care to diagnostics, and you can even go for cosmetic surgeries without having to pay for them upfront. Apply for health card with the Bajaj Finserv Digital EMI Network Card and you can access it through the Bajaj Finserv Wallet App. Thus, you are always in control of your medical expenses, and you can keep tabs on your EMIs.

All medical expenses accounted for

The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card takes care of all your health needs once you download health card. Whether it is a risk-free general surgery or a critical cardiac surgery, the card stays with you. The Health EMI Network Card even has provisions for critical treatments such as stem cell therapy that is still in the experimental stages.

Urology treatments can be costly, as they have several recurring costs that need to be borne, but you can now manage them thanks to the health card. The Digital Health EMI Network Card takes financial worries off your shoulders if you have a patient admitted to the oncology department. You can focus on the well-being of your loved one rather than run around to make provisions for medical costs. Apply for health card as soon as possible to take advantage of sophisticated medical procedures like IVF.

Apart from this, the card takes care of your cosmetic treatment requirements, which are often overlooked in most health cards. The Digital Health EMI Network Card treats cosmetic surgery as an important medical need and makes provisions for them. Therefore, you need not worry about the cost of these surgeries because you deserve to look the way you want and carry the perfect look with confidence. Furthermore, you can enjoy special privileges like amazing discounts and free services with brands like VLCC, Vecura, Bodycraft, V-Care, Doc Online, and more. There are specific discounts on certain services (like laser hair removal) that you can avail by using the Health EMI Network Card.

Advantages of using health cards

You can avail of several benefits if you download health card. Let us go through them one by one.

  • Instant Approval: Forget a lengthy application process that keeps you stressed about obtaining the card. The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card is instantly activated once your application is approved. The card is fully digital and you can access it instantly.
  • Pre-Approved Limits: You do not need to worry about inordinate medical expenses because you get instant pre-approved credit of up to Rs. 4 lakh with this card.
  • Nominal Joining Fee: The joining fee you need to pay for using the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card is just Rs. 707. This fee is a one-time investment to activate your health card immediately.
  • Access Anywhere: This health card can be accessed in any city in India because of the extensive tie-ups that the company has with reputable medical institutions. You need not have to worry about the EMI policies because they remain unchanged across medical facilities, and you can use them seamlessly.
  • Heath Card For All: The same health card can be used by all your family members for hassle-free payment. You do not need to apply for different cards and go through the same process all over again.
  • Flexible Repayment Schemes: Health expenses are essential and you must not hold back from the best treatment because of expenses. With the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card, spread your repayment tenor to up to 24 months and take your time.
  • No Documentation: This health card offers you the privilege to get it approved without the need for documentation.

Final Words

Apart from all these perks, you also get access to several additional surprises like an enhanced time period of insurance every time you pay with your health card. Apply for health card on the Bajaj Finserv website by providing basic details like your name and phone number. Make sure you enter a valid number because you will be prompted to verify it via OTP. Pay your one-time fee and download health card to enjoy all the benefits. That said, you have to own the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to easily apply for the Health EMI Network Card online. If you do not have one, you can apply for the EMI Network Card first and then apply for the Digital Health EMI Network Card.

The Bajaj Finserv Digital Heath EMI Network Card is the best way to pay your medical bills. Say goodbye to stress and get your health card today.


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