Hindi Cinema’s Top Rated Movies Defining their Era

The era of superstars is gone. Now, the content is king. The movie’s cast has swayed the audience of the Hindi Film Industry in the past, but now they value the content more. A movie is considered good if the storyline is logical and captivating. In this article, we are listing top rated movies of all time. Cinema is changing; critics and reviews hold power to decide the movie’s fate. Reviewing is becoming quite a popular job. Movie review sites and blogs hire expert reviewers with many followers to work for them. Here we provide the most genuine and apt hindi movies review.

  • SardarUdham- ShuojitSirkar has an inspiring idea, focusing on his idealism, telling a hero’s story, not letting him become a hero, and gaining freedom by destroying imperialism… This not only marks a tragedy, but It also provides a fence that is neither black nor white. Vicky Kaushal is seen accomplishing another feat. This is considered one of his finest performances.
  • Andhadhun– It can accept a variety of explanations and is unpredictable from start to finish. It is a fascinating thriller that grabs attention and can be guessed all the time. SriramRaghavan is known for his twists and turns and dark comic perspective on film noir. He became famous for his adept hold at a wicked thriller. This is a dangerous criminal thriller with many parts of a dark comedy. Few directors can break this genre, and Suriname is good at that. His films subtly challenge your “seeing is believing” belief. AyushmannKhurana’s main character is a revelation. He’s comfortable in any role he plays, but Andhadhun is the most defining role in his career, demonstrating his diversity.
  • Zindagi Na MilegiDobara– This film features a journey of three friends where they confront their fears that makes them bond even better. It is a fun and light-hearted comedy movie. The movie has three prominent characters rather than one mainstream Bollywood hero. There are no heroic entries, stylized background music, or grandiose actions. The entire film is shot in pristine locations in Spain, but the beauty of the picturesque land is only used as a catalyst, not a gimmick, in this road movie.

And while the film has characters like a possessive daughter, a flirtatious girlfriend, an illegitimate father, and a great opportunity for melodramas, it remains subtle and light all the time. Zindagi Na MilegiDobara stays true to her story and is as pure as the fun of the three boys playing unproven adventure sports.

  • 3 IDIOTS– It can be emotionally overwhelming at times, but mostly three idiots find its aura of fun. It showcases the high level of emotion in shaping the characters and their interactions; the result is a truly extraordinary male friendship movie. This is a large and even urgent drama about the high suicide rate of Indian students and its extremely strict school system. Still, its many lively events and a strong sense of humor will never forget the fun and interesting. Many say this is one of the great collaborations of the duo Amir Khan and RajkumarHirani, resulting in a better version of Death Poet Society.

Lately, the audience enjoys real-life based stories on screen. Patriotic movies hold a special liking in the hearts of the majority of Hindi film viewers. These are very few top rated movies mentioned in the list. There are movies like Dangal, Shershaah, Uri, Raazi, Kesari, Lakshay, among many more cinematic gems.


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