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Godfall- First Ever Game to be Playable on PlayStation 5?

Everybody is talking about the upcoming gaming industry sensation, Sony PlayStation 5 today. A great hype of PlayStation 5 has been created among the gaming community and video games lovers. Undoubtedly, PlayStation 5 is going to be the best gaming console of the decade. However, up to now, we are only aware with the rumors and desired specifications of the PlayStation 5.

What’s more? PlayStation 5 is going to be available with ray tracing support. Ray tracing is used to enhance the realistic lighting effects, it is a rendering technique basically and is obvious to come with this updated gaming console. So, we can say that Sony is going to make us go crazy with its PlayStation 5 but the question here is what type of games we are going to play on PS5? What would be the first game to be featured in it? So, here I am, Yaman Shakya, going to make you aware with the first official game announced to be playable on PlayStation 5.

What are the Latest Updates about Godfall?

Recently on December 13, 2019, at The Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley, we got to see the foretaste of the first ever playable game on PlayStation 5, Godfall. And at present, a leaked gameplay trailer of Godfall is out now and making the crowd go crazy with its mind blowing special effects and quality graphics. This leaked video is just from a testing state gameplay at lower frame rate. We can take an idea how amazing the graphics gonna be if we will play it on PlayStation 5.


From the leaked gameplay trailer, we can see the game is coming out from the fighting, action and adventure genre. But Counterplay Games, the developers of Godfall, have put the game in a new category and named it Looter-Slasher. The game is basically focused on the melee combat fights but we will also got the ranged weapons to use. If I were asked to give a reference then I would say Godfall gives me the reminiscent of two legendary games, God of war and Devil May Cry series.

What’s the Theme of the Game?

Godfall comes from the RPG (Role Playing Games) category. It provides us the world where we get to see the individual elemental kingdoms: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Spirit. We play as an individual from the Knight’s Order, who are accepted to keep the end of the world under control. According to Counterplay Games, this fantasy world was encouraged by the books and novels such as The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov and The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson. Here is the official trailer by PlayStation down below, from which, you can relate the game with these awesome fantasy creations.

We will get to see more information about Godfall from the quoting sources of Counterplay Games in future. This is the all information and updates about the Godfall on PlayStation 5 yet. But we definitely can say the gaming industry is going to have an awesome year in 2020.

Highlights of Godfall

  • Godfall will come under TPP (Third Person Perspective) gameplay.
  • Its developers are using Unreal Engine 4 for providing the high end gaming experience to gamers.
  • Godfall is a Multiplayer game and we may continue the story with our friends as our allies.
  • A high range of mythical weapons can be seen in the game, and we can equip two of them.
  • PlayStation 5’s Solid State Drive provides flawless loading of the fantasy world.


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