Global Computerized Physician Order Entry Market , By Type , By Applications , By Regions – Forecast to 2019

Market Overview –

The global computerized physician order entry market had a value of $999.9 million in 2014 and was expect to reach $1379 million in 2019 at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2014 to 2019. The market size is anticipated from 2020 through 2028, with 2020 serving as the study’s base year.

This report’s main goal is to aid the reader in understanding the market in terms of its definition, segmentation, market potential, relevant trends, and the difficulties that the market is currently experiencing across 10 significant geographic areas and 50 significant nations. The study was prepare after extensive research and analysis. This study will be a great resource for those who want to fully comprehend the market. The market data and information were evaluate and verifies by specialists in the field and were gatherer from reputable sources like websites, annual reports of businesses, journals, and others. The report uses diagrams, graphs, pie charts, and other pictorial representations to illustrate the facts and statistics. This improves the data’ visual representation and makes them easier to comprehend.

Market Dynamics –

The conscious efforts of the various governments across the world to ensure patient safety are what are driving the global market for computerize physician order entry (COPE). Healthcare organisations in the United States were eligible to receive incentive payments under the terms of the Healthcare Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act if they achieve meaningful use compliance by 2011. Those who did not meet the requirement by 2015 risk facing financial penalties.

Computerize physician order systems facilitate speedy transmission to the radiology, pharmacy, or laboratory departments, which facilitates the recommendation of alternative tests or treatments that might be more cost-effective or safer.

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Report Highlights –

The Computerize Physician Order Entry Systems Market is widely partitions reliant on the predictable updates in the enhancement of parameters for example, quality, trustworthiness, end customer solicitations, applications, and others. The Computerize Physician Order Entry Systems Market report contains general successful parameters, confinements, and besides has in detail illumination of the noteworthy data close by the present and future examples that may concern the advancement. The comprehensive Computerize Physician Order Entry Systems Market report elucidates within and outside representation of current advancements, parameters, and establishments.

Market Scope and Market Size –

System, delivery, component, and end-user are the market segments use to divide the computerize physician order entry (CPOE) industry. The development of these segments will assist you in analyzing the industries’ modest growth sectors and will give users useful market overview and industry insights to aid in the selection of key market applications.

The computerize physician order entry (CPOE) market is divide into integrate and standalone segments base on system.

The market for computerise physician order entry (CPOE) is divide into cloud, on-premise, and web-base delivery types.

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The computerize physician order entry (CPOE) market is divide into three categories base on component: software, hardware, and services.

The CPOE (computerize physician order entry) market is divide into hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home health agencies base on the end-user.

Customization Available –

Advance formative research is a specialty of Zion Market Research. We take satisfaction in providing data and analysis to both new and existing customers that are appropriate for their objectives. You can customise the report to include pricing trend analysis for the target brands, market understanding for other countries (ask for the list of countries), data from clinical trial findings, literature reviews, and market and product base analyses for refurbishes goods. Target rivals’ markets can be analyses using a variety of methods, including technology-base analysis and market portfolio tactics. In the structure and data type you choose, we can include as many competitors as you need.

Competitive Landscape –

Details are provide per competitor in the market competitive landscape for computerize physician order entry (CPOE). The company’s financials, revenue generate, market potential, investment in R&D, new market initiatives, global presence, production sites and facilities, production capacities, company strengths and weaknesses, product launch, product width and breadth, and application dominance are among the details that are include. The aforementioned data points are limit to the companies’ market focus on computerize physician order entry (CPOE).

Key Players –

Epic Systems
GE Healthcare
Medical Information Technology
Siemens Healthcare
Visual MED
Philips Healthcare
Athena Health

By Type –


By Applications –


By Regions –

North America
Asia Pacific
South America
Middle East Asia & Africa


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