Core Numbers In Numerology

There are some numbers in numerology that can greatly influence your life. Numerologist online believes that there are five core numbers in your numerology chart that are extremely important. So, what are these numbers? Read the article below to find out:

There are certain numbers in each individual’s numerology chart that can influence them and their life to a great extent. These numbers have a lot of power over you and can impact you more strongly than others. Since these numbers are so influential, they are referred to as core numbers in numerology.

The core numbers are very important for an individual’s existence and are calculated on the basis of your birth date or even your birth name. The birth date is important because this is the day you entered this world, and this is the day your journey began. On the other hand, the name given to you at the time of birth is the intended name for your soul in this journey, as per numerology. These numbers are relevant for the entirety of a person’s life. You can consult with the best numerologist in India to find out these numbers. 

Let us know more about these numbers and how they can impact are lives below:

1. Life Path Number: 

This is the most important one among the core numbers in your numerology chart. But this is also the most important number in every respect. As the name suggests, it is the number that represents your path in this life. It holds all the information regarding who you are destined to be, the challenges you will face in order to unlock your true potential, and much more. If you understand the hidden meaning behind your life path number with the help of a numerology consultation online, you can understand the reasons behind all that is happening in your life.

This number can be a single-digit number between 1 to 9, or it can be a master number like 11, 22, or 33. Each number carries a different energy, as per numerology, so it becomes important to carefully calculate your own number. Your birth date plays a vital role in the calculation of your life path number, but it should be calculated by an expert numerologist to get accurate results.

2. Birthday Number

This is the most obvious one among all the core numbers in numerology. It is also the easiest to calculate. In fact, it might not even need any calculation at all. This number is simply made up of the day of the month on which you were born. As a result, this number can be anywhere from 1 to 31. If your birthday falls on a day when the date is in double digits, then it has to be reduced to a single digit, as per numerology. But in the case of calculating your birthday number, they will continue to stay in double digits.

Each birthday comes with a unique energy that has a lot of influence on a person and their natural talents. This number can reveal your hidden talents, one that can perhaps help you change yourself or the rest of the world!

3. Expression Number:

This number is also known as the “Destiny Number.” It has a lot of impact on our strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this number with the help of the best numerologist in India can help you figure out what you are good at and what you need to work on more. This way, you can focus all your energies on honing your skills. This number can be anywhere between 1 to 9, or it can be a master number. To calculate this number, you can count the letters in your birth name. Every alphabet has a corresponding number. So, add all the numbers in your name to get a single-digit number that is your expression number.

4. Personality Number:

Your personality is reflected by your personality number in Numerology. It might not represent every aspect of your personality, but it is primarily about the persona you put up in front of others. It also tells a lot about your first impression on others. You can calculate this number by using your birth name. Pick the consonants in your name and find out the corresponding number to arrive at your personality number. This number can also be a single-digit number or a master number.

5. Soul Urge Number:

As the name suggests, this number represents the yearning of your soul or what your soul desires the most. Numerologists online refer to it as the “Heart’s Desire number,” at times. This number tells us about what motivates us and our decision-making. This number is true to your heart, and it defines you on a deeper level. Using your full birth name, you can pick out the vowels and find the number associated with them. This number will also be a single-digit number or a master number like all core numbers based on the birth name.


These core numbers reveal a lot about you. You can connect with the best numerologist in India to know your core numbers accurately and understand the meaning behind them in detail to lead a life of success and abundance.


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