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How can I make my Content Writing more Engaging and Credible?

I would like to answer this with the daily challenges I face as a content writer. In this article, I will focus on explaining the process that I use to write the articles instead of focusing on the technical factors of content writing or making the content SEO friendly. Because I think making an article SEO friendly is a skill but increasing the credibility of the content is a talent.

So let’s get into the article!

According to me, the first essential thing to write on any topic is understanding the topic. I always study, do some research, and take some references from Google to comprehend the basics and feed my mind with a number of facts relevant to the topic. Since content writing is based on facts and it’s not supposed to exaggerate them to make the article more attractive. But with the proper knowledge and data, it becomes easy for me to create unique and informative articles for my clients and my readers.

What’s the benefit of this? I will feel free to link or add the sources to my articles and this will further build a sense of trust in my readers.

Pay Special Attention to connect yourself with the reader!

Perhaps, if it’s about increasing the credibility of my articles and content writing, I prefer to connect myself with my readers. And how do I do that? Keep reading…

To make an article more credible and engaging and connect me with my readers, I consider myself the person looking for a solution on Google. For example, if I am writing on any specific topic regarding e-commerce then I consider myself as the consumer who would like to read a well-explained article for more information about the product he wants to buy. By doing this, I feel able to understand the needs and requirements more visibly.

Also, the article shouldn’t be boring. The presentation of the article also matters a lot. The first impression of your content also prevents the readers to recede from the content. I always pay special attention to this point to bind my audience with my content like I am still doing with this content. (I hope.)

Manipulating the audience just by an article is also an essential thing. For example, if I want my readers to pay more attention to statistics, facts, or some kind of good stuff, I simply highlight them.

Lastly, I always take the authority of my article and content writing, which makes it much easier for me to express my thoughts through my words.

What Elements can be included to Make Your Content Engaging and Appealing?

#1 Facts

As I have already mentioned in the first task that adding facts and statistics to any content makes it more trustable and engaging to the audience. We can’t write anything just to make the article more interesting. If Google finds it irrelevant or not relatable to the topic, it will ignore the content directly and add it to Google’s spam database. And content like this also increases the spam score of the website.

#2 Sources

Secondly, I would like to add the sources of the facts and where they come from. Without an actual source, a fact is not a fact eventually. A source of proof and authentication always must be present there.

#3 Images or Infographics

How can we forget the images? Relevant images make the content more interesting and an article with proper images and infographics makes it easier for the audience to understand the main objective of the content.

#4 No-follow Wikipedia links

I know you are thinking right now about why I am mentioning no-follow Wikipedia links to this section. I have observed this thing many times that whenever we read an article with all our attention, our continuous reading flow is broken by just one word/term which we do not know what it really is and what is the definition of that particular word or term. Then what we do is, go to Google and search that term.

In order to stop this, I often add a Wikipedia no-follow link to that particular word/term so readers can click on the link, get familiar with the term, and go back to their reading immediately.

You can see this trick in the article I am mentioning below:

What is SEO and Why is it Important to Rank a Website?

In this article, I have added no-follow links to Wikipedia on certain terms that the general audience is not familiar with.

#5 Tables and graphs

If it comes to, suppose, mentioning the price or statistics of any particular service or product in the article, tables seem very handy. Adding the tables pr graphs in the article not only increases the engagement of the article but also makes the article look more professional. I use this trick often when writing the official blog for a company.

#6 Conclusion

Every article without a conclusion is incomplete. If you can’t find out the conclusion of your own article then what’s the point behind writing it? A conclusion helps the audience to know what is right for them and makes a strong bond between the reader and the content writer. Automatically the engagement and appeal of the article enhance further.



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