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Law firms in Lahore Pakistan for Clients:

If you are looking for law firms in Lahore Pakistan or lawyers in Lahore for clients or yourself you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Jamila Law Firm in Lahore & Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan is Best Choose to deal your Law case in Court. In reality, all he can do is ask, what is the going rate for work of this sort?’ If he inquires of other Advocates and their estimates are considerably less than his bill, he might well conclude that his bill of law firms in Lahore Pakistan or lawyers in Lahore is not ‘fair and reasonable.

What is Time Costing:

Time costing is becoming increasingly common for Advocates to keep time records of how long they spend on each cord have been kept; the Advocate can use the hourly rate as the basis for his charge. In such a case, the Law Society will generally uphold a Advocate’s bill charged on a time basis, plus a 25-35 percent sum to cover typing and overheads, plus an additional sum to reflect the value of the work done (e.g., 2 percent in conveyancing matters).

For Example:

For instance, on this basis, if the sale of a £50,000 house involved seven hours’ work, at £25 per hour, the bill could be:  The amount of the hourly rate is the debatable factor; £15 might be appropriate for an articled clerk and £40 for a senior law firms in Lahore Pakistan or lawyers in Lahore. Generally, £30 per hour can be regarded as a fair average.  Querying the Advocate’s bill a client who thinks his bill is unreasonable should raise the matter with the Advocate.

Lawyers in Lahore:

If necessary, he should ask the law firms in Lahore Pakistan or lawyers in Lahore for more information about the work done. If the Advocate is not prepared to reduce his charge, the client can either: accept defeat and pay the full bill, or not pay, and ask the Advocate to submit the bill to the Law Society for them to check what a fair and reasonable charge is. It is called ‘obtaining a remuneration certificate.’ But there is a time limit, so the client should make sure that he does not wait too long (see below) or do nothing and not pay the bill.

Money Owed:

The Advocate cannot sue for the money owed without giving the client formal notice of his right to apply for a remuneration certificate from the Law Society and have the Court’s bill taxed. If the law firms in Lahore Pakistan or lawyers in Lahore does give this notice to the client, the client should act quickly.  Remuneration certificates in any non-contentious case, a client can ask his Advocate to obtain a remuneration certificate from the Law Society.

Law Society:

This is an excellent remedy since the Law Society cannot increase its bill; the Law Society can only reduce the bill or uphold it at its present level, so the client cannot lose. There is no fee payable. Nor can the Advocate charge him for the extra cost and inconvenience of obtaining a remuneration certificate, even if the Law Society up- holds the Advocate’s bill.  But he must request this within twenty-eight days of the law firms in Lahore Pakistan or lawyers in Lahore giving formal notice to the client for a remuneration certificate and have his costs taxed.



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