Best drinking games to play as a couple

When individuals are inebriated, you see a different side of them, which is why drinking games are so popular! Consider playing these couples drinking games if you want to learn more about your companion. If your spouse is very serious, they may let loose while they’re intoxicated, allowing you to see a different side of them. You may also let go of your self-consciousness and ask them anything. Prepare to have some fun with your companion while playing some inappropriate and filthy drinking games. 

  • As a method to spice up your romance, try some fun drinking games with your lover.
  • With these classic, easy, or even wicked games, you may add a romantic flavour to your normal date night.
  • Play these activities with your significant other the next time you have a drink with them to create a romantic evening to remember.

With a buddy, everything gets more fascinating and engaging, including drinking games! They bring you closer to your spouse, remove any inhibitions, and allow you to have some fun in the midst of your mundane daily routine. Games like Russian roulette drinking games cards, drunken artists, and straight face, for example, allow you to test your drinking capacity while participating in a variety of pleasant activities. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time and effort planning the game night because basic games like snakes and ladders, Jenga, or spin the bottle can be terrific drunken couple games.

Bottle Spinner

This isn’t your normal spin-the-bottle game! When you’re playing this game with your buddy, add a twist! The game’s principle stays the same, but instead of pointing at a person, have the bottle point at a product, such as chocolate, whipped cream, or an outfit.

Artists inebriated

Determine how many shots it takes to bring out your partner’s inner Picasso. The basics of this game are simple: sketch something and have your partner guess what it is. It’s simple, enjoyable, and a rum-infused pictionary. 

Never Have I Ever 

This is another game that can help you get to know your companion better. Begin by constructing a phrase such as “I’ve never kissed a girl/boy.” If you reply yes, your partner must confirm it by taking a shot. Otherwise, no one will be able to drink!

The Game of Question and Answer

The Question-Answer Game is appropriate for couples who have progressed in their relationships. In this game, you begin by asking your partner some questions. These inquiries might be about anything, including personal matters. You can go as deep as you want, but make sure your partner is relaxed.


Who said Jenga was only for children? When played with a partner while drinking, it may get rather exciting. Jenga with drawing blocks is included in this wicked version. You can ask your spouse to do something sexy or kinky for each block drawn. A strip dance, lap dance, and other chores might be assigned to your companion. Your partner will have to drink if they fail or refuse to do the deed.


Apart from these, there are a lot of party game cards that you can look for online and enjoy playing with your partner. 



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