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Benefits of an Anti-Diet

Have you tried an anti-diet yet? Well, it’s turning away from the latest diet fads that starves a person’s fats or complex carbohydrates and returning to the time before there were fast foods and junk foods .The anti-diet folks have an excellent point, which is fill up on foods in their natural state that is before vital nutrients and fibers have been stripped by modern processing methods.

The anti-diet approach pairs well with intuitive, which is a style of eating that does not have unbending restrictions and rules. Instead, it puts you back to the driver’s seat to make decision about what, how much and how often you eat.

Although there are some that can guide you so that ultimately you are eating satisfying, nourishing food- not too much or too little when your body is hungry.

The anti-diet approach works for all body types

The anti-diet approach utilizes a health at every size (HAES) framework ,which emphasizes the idea that everyone ,regardless of body size ,can pursue healthy behaviors .HAES advocates for taking the focus off weight and instead on health-promoting behaviors. Anyone can pursue healthy behavior at any size and everyone should have access to adequate and ethical healthcare.

The anti-diet approach focuses on behaviors instead of weight loss

The most beautiful thing is that anti-diet approach does not use weight loss as a measure of success. Instead, it focuses on progress with the wellness promoting habits. On dieting only weight, loss does not work, and weight loss does not always adequate to better health. However, health promoting behaviors in and of themselves, regardless of weight, improve people’s health long-term. Focusing on behaviors is a more effective and ethical use of our knowledge and credentials .The anti-diet approach is a different package than the traditional ‘lose weight’ recommendation often given to overweight people. Instead the client and healthcare practitioner both establish a set of goals – like finding an enjoyable way to exercise ,eating more fruits and vegetables at meals or practicing mindful once per day –that focus on long-term health.

The anti-diet approach is in pursuit of better overall health

This approach to eating acknowledges that health is based not on whether you ate kale today. Instead, it considers your mental and physical health as being equally important to your long-term wellbeing. Weight loss through diets does not work long-term and may increase your risk to develop eating disorder. It can also lead to many ending up in a higher weight than when they started dieting. Instead, the anti-diet approach pursue eating for safety, nutrients and enjoyment. The last principle of intuitive eating is “honor your health” which emphasizes eating nutrient-dense foods most of the time but not allowing your food choices to cause anxiety or guilt if you eat something indulgent.

In conclusion, all healthcare nutritionists want better health for their clients. Pursuing healthy behaviors instead of focusing only on weight as a measure of success may help clients feel more empowered to make positive changes in their life.


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