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Adani Power is one of the leading power generation companies in India, with a total installed capacity of 12,450 MW. The company has been in the news recently due to several developments that have a significant impact on its operations and future growth prospects. This article provides an overview of Adani Power’s recent news and its implications for the company.

Adani Power acquires Essar Power’s 1,200 MW Mahan Project

In December 2021, Adani Power announced that it had acquired the 1,200 MW Mahan Project from Essar Power for an undisclosed amount. The Mahan Project is a coal-fired power plant located in Madhya Pradesh, India, and is one of the largest power plants in the state. The acquisition is expected to increase Adani Power’s total installed capacity to 13,650 MW, further strengthening its position as a leading power generation company in India.

Adani Power faces challenges in securing fuel supplies

Despite the acquisition of the Mahan Project, Adani Power is facing challenges in securing fuel supplies for its power plants. The company relies heavily on imported coal to fuel its power plants, and the rising prices of coal have put pressure on the company’s margins. In addition, the Indian government’s focus on renewable energy has led to a reduction in the allocation of coal blocks for power generation. Well Adani Power is, therefore, exploring options to diversify its fuel sources and increase the use of domestic coal and renewable energy sources.

Adani Power’s Mundra Power Plant faces regulatory challenges

Adani Power’s Mundra Power Plant in Gujarat has been facing regulatory challenges for several years. The plant, which has an installed capacity of 4,620 MW, relies on imported coal and has been struggling to maintain profitability due to rising fuel prices. In addition, the plant has been facing regulatory challenges related to the pricing of power and the imposition of additional taxes by the state government.

In March 2022, the Supreme Court of India upheld a decision by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) that disallowed the pass-through of higher fuel costs to consumers by Adani Power’s Mundra Power Plant. The decision is expected to have a significant impact on the profitability of the plant and could lead to higher tariffs for consumers.

Adani Power’s renewable energy portfolio

In line with the Indian government’s focus on renewable energy, Adani Power has been increasing its renewable energy portfolio in recent years. The company has set a target of achieving 25 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2025 and has already made significant progress towards this goal. In December 2021, Adani Power announced that it had won a bid to develop a 2 GW solar project in Rajasthan, India, which will be one of the largest solar projects in the world.

In addition to solar energy, Adani Power is also exploring opportunities in wind energy, hydropower, and energy storage. The company has signed several agreements with international companies for the development of renewable energy projects in India.

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Adani Power News Today

As for Adani Power News Today, Adani Power Ltd. stock was up 4.99% as of 10:05AM EST on Friday (IST). In all, around 835,059 shares were traded.

The stock price has moved between Rs 189.4 (where it began) and Rs 191.6 (where it’s now trading) so far today. Adani Power Ltd. stock prices ranged from Rs 432.8 to Rs 132.55 during the course of a year.

At the time of this writing, Adani Power Ltd. has a market capitalization of Rs 70389.14 crore.

Money Matters

The company’s net sales for the quarter ending 31 December 2022 were Rs 8290.21 crore, down 1.8% from the previous quarter’s total of Rs 8445.99 crore and down 48.21% from the same period a year earlier, when they were Rs 5593.58 crore.

Compared to the same period a year before, net income was Rs 8.77 crore, a decrease of 95.99 percent.


Adani Power is one of the leading power generation companies in India, with a diverse portfolio of coal-fired and renewable energy power plants. The company’s recent acquisition of the Mahan Project and its focus on renewable energy are positive developments that will help it to maintain its position as a leading player in the power sector. However, the challenges in securing fuel supplies and the regulatory challenges faced by the Mundra Power Plant are significant hurdles that the company will need to overcome to maintain its profitability and growth prospects. Overall, Adani Power’s future success will depend on its ability to adapt to the changing energy landscape and diversify its portfolio to meet the evolving needs of the Indian power market. For more Adani Power News, follow us.


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