5 Tips to Select the Best Scratch Card Manufacturers

Mobile phone users are growing in number each day. It means a subsequent increase in the customer base that network operators serve. As the number of new users increases, network operators need to pay closer attention to several elements and factors that contribute to making a successful scratch card. It includes the brand logo, cost and fabric quality, among others. 

Let’s look at what you should look for in your scratch card suppliers and how to make the right choice.

Finding a Scratch Card Manufacturer That’s Right for Your Business:

On a smaller scale, individuals use local printing shops for printing posters or leaflets, but printing recharge scratch cards at a national level is a much more complex task. You cannot entrust such a complicated task to small-time vendors. Your business needs a credible and experienced scratch card manufacturer with enough resources and equipment to manage this task.

In developing markets, scratch cards are leading channels that businesses employ for promoting their business. They make for unique, fun and intriguing ways of engaging with audiences. Leading telecom service providers already use scratch cards to boost their sales, revenue and drive new customers while retaining existing customers.

However, several large-scale scratch card printers are not equipped to handle scratch card printing and all the associated processes. So, what are the different elements to keep in mind while creating the ideal scratch card for your business? Let’s take a look.

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Elements of a Card that Scratch Card Manufacturers Should Cover:

1. Aesthetics:

When it comes to the design of any product in the 21st century, aesthetics play a significant role in determining the usability and acceptance of the product. The same applies to recharge scratch cards, and the right design can completely alter their look and positioning. New generation card printing technology produces minimalistic and sleek cards to maintain their quality. Leading manufacturers also use the newest ink technologies for improving their image quality. These technologies keep the artwork defects to a minimum.

2. Durability:

One more critical factor that affects the production of recharge cards is durability. Ease of scratching, high performance and PIN safety is essential to determine the overall quality and customer experience the card will provide. Leading scratch card manufacturers use highly advanced testing strategies to ensure product quality at all costs. Thus, it’s a good idea to reach out to them instead of smaller vendors.

3. PIN security:

The most important part of a scratch card is the PIN. It’s what defines the card and its purpose. Therefore, securing the PIN should be any card maker’s highest priority. Having a poor-quality card might allow people to read the PIN without scratching the card. It’s done by passing the card under specialised lighting to reveal the number. It would be best if you chose manufacturers who use highly advanced ink technology to minimise this risk.

4. Ingredients:

Many times, recharge cards are subjected to thorough scrutiny when it comes to their coating material. Thus, evaluating the ingredient used in the printing process is essential to determine their quality and performance. 

Getting the right ingredients from the start minimises the risks of PIN exposure and increases its security. Therefore, the testing methods, the process of ink selection and all the other elements work together to give the right scratch card for your business.

5. Easy to read:

The last thing to keep in mind is the readability of the card. If you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above accurately, but your customer can’t read the card, it is not serving its purpose. The perfect scratch card has a layer of protection that enhances the clarity of the PIN and makes it easier to scratch. Also, make sure your manufacturer assesses all the factors that affect the readability and clarity of the card.  

Finding the Right Recharge Card Manufacturer:

Besides the quality attributes mentioned above, experts recommend looking at all the metrics that affect a solution provider’s delivery of the products.

Consider this, for example. The Nielsen Report is among the world’s most trusted sources in the payment and card industry. It’s the perfect source for assessing the reputation and quality checks of the providers. You can check if the report mentions them before.

Recharge cards make up the significant financial value. Therefore, you need to choose a manufacturer that is instrumental in using leading recharge card technologies. It would help if you had a recharge card manufacturer that uses a customised web-based press to transform raw materials into a fully functional product in seconds.

Mobile recharge cards are almost a necessity today. They are fundamental in enabling internet browsing and telecommunication. Choosing the correct scratch card manufacturer can take your business to the next level and enhance your experience with new-age card printing techniques. 



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