5 Mistakes to Avoid While Going on Sikkim Tour Packages from Vadodara

Planning a vacation to the beautiful state of Sikkim from Vadodara can be an exciting experience. However, there are some common mistakes travellers often make that can ruin their trip. In this article, we will discuss 5 major mistakes to avoid while going on
Mumbai to Vadodara.

Not Researching Properly

One of the biggest mistakes is not researching properly about Sikkim as well as the various tour packages available. Sikkim is a mountainous state with varied terrain along with climate. It is important to understand the geography, weather conditions, places to visit based on your interests as well as budget before finalizing a package. Research about popular tourist attractions, trekking trails, in addition to monasteries, along with lakes, as well as viewpoints to include in your itinerary. Also research reputed tour operators offering Sikkim packages from Vadodara to get the best deals. Proper research helps plan the trip better as well as avoid last-minute hassles.

1.     Not Packing Appropriately

The weather in Sikkim can change drastically even within short distances. It is important to pack clothes suitable for all weather conditions like warm jackets, sweaters, thermals, rain gear, etc. Carry comfortable trekking shoes, gloves, caps, sunglasses depending on your planned activities. Also pack essential medicines, first-aid kit, torch, extra batteries, cash, ID proofs etc. Avoid overpacking as you may have to carry luggage during activities. Not packing as per the climate can spoil your trip experience.

2.     Not Factoring in Travel Time

The distance between Vadodara as well as Sikkim is quite long with multiple modes of transportation involved. Many packages do not include sufficient travel time which can lead to rushed schedules. It is important to factor in at least 2-3 days for travel from Vadodara to Gangtok as well as back with some buffer time. This will avoid last-minute hassles as well as rushed sightseeing. Proper planning of travel days helps enjoy the vacation without stress.

3.     Not Including Buffer Days

Sikkim experiences unpredictable weather throughout the year. Landslides, roadblocks due to landslides or heavy snow are common, especially during monsoons. It is wise to keep some buffer days in your itinerary to account for such contingencies. This will prevent last-minute cancellation of plans due to bad weather conditions. Buffer days also allow flexibility to spend an extra day at places you enjoy the most. They ensure you make the most of your Sikkim vacation without stressing about delays.

4.     Not Booking Accommodation in Advance

During peak seasons like summer, accommodation in popular destinations like Gangtok, Pelling, Yuksom gets filled up quickly. Many budget packages do not include pre-booked stay which can spoil your trip. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, especially for destinations with limited options. You can also pre-book specific accommodations you prefer through reviews. Walk-in accommodation search can be stressful as well as costly. Advance booking ensures seamless stay arrangements during your Sikkim trip.


A little research as well as planning goes a long way in ensuring a memorable Sikkim vacation. Being aware of potential challenges specific to the destination as well as itinerary helps avoid common mistakes. Following these tips will help you make the most of your Sikkim tour packages from Vadodara without any hassles. Happy traveling!


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