Why Should We Hire You? Best Answers for Freshers


All companies seek freshers straight out of college to join them as trainees and pursue serious careers. The key to making an impression when you are a fresher is to ensure that you come across as someone articulate and confident in pitching your suitability as a candidate in your self introduction for interview situations. Recruiters usually want a clear answer to the question- ‘Why should we hire you?’ Your response will display your level of preparedness and whether you have thought through your options.

Answering the question of why someone should hire you

This question can be among the trickiest to deal with. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the job description and choose specific themes to use in your interview while explaining your suitability for the job on offer.

  • Focus on the strength of your personality. Explain your enthusiastic personality about how professional, loyal, and hardworking you are. How you believe your personality will be an asset to the company because of your dedication to your work. Elaborate on your willingness to go above and beyond what is required. Highlight your enthusiasm to learn and develop new skills.
  • Turn around your lack of experience in your favor. Use it as a strength to state that you are fresh, enthusiastic, hungry for success, and all set to get started. Let the panel of interviewers know that you are particularly attracted to this organization because it reflects ambition, innovation and provides their employees the opportunity to thrive.
  • Let the panel know that your passion for this job has attracted you to their company. State upfront that you believe you are the best person for the job because of your love for this type of role and that you possess the skills to work to a high standard. Explain that you believe that job satisfaction comes from working in a position where your skills are compatible with what the job involves. Pick up on specific pointers by researching the company, and weave in their exciting plans for the future and how much you want to be a part of them. 
  • Take care to include powerful keywords in your resume and be fully prepared to expand on them. Make sure that your CV references your personality traits: loyalty and hardworking, enthusiasm, commitment, customer-focused, innovation, trustworthiness, and flexibility. You are not just the talents you possess, such as your interpersonal communication skills, but you are also the sum total of the personal qualities you have. Choose to provide examples and anecdotal pieces of evidence based on your observations. For instance, you could explain your nature to be loyal and hardworking by observing yourself in certain circumstances in the past during a team project or how you conducted yourself during a study tour.
  • Prepare to explain traits that may not have real-time experience to back it up with. When answering questions about traits that you seemingly have no experience dealing with, such as being customer-focused, delve into your observations of excellent customer service and how you would replicate what you witnessed. And how you are someone who understands the importance of excellent customer service to the survival and growth of any business.
  • And finally, play up your perceived weaknesses as a strength in the eyes of your interviewers. All interviewers will ask about what you think are your weaknesses. You could craft your reply in a way that your tendency to take on too much, or that you find it hard to say no to people, and that you end up putting too much pressure on yourself can come across as strengths to a potential employer!



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