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Why do people prefer cosmetic surgery?

People believe in their physical appearance to get notified in society. To improve their physical nature and to prevent the signs of anti-aging, they try several things. The medical field, by its tremendous growth. Finds a solution for all the issues that are associated with enhancing the beauty of an individual through cosmetic surgery. This can be applied for any sort of repairing with the body shape and the beauty can be retained.

How a face can be grafted through surgery?

A surgical procedure can be opted for to improve the appearance of the face. In this, the expert from the relevant field will examine the patient thoroughly and analyze the possible factors.

After a complete examination, they will decide to transfer the fat from the patient’s body from one part to other. They will successfully inject the fat into the patient’s face to improve the existing beauty.

Fat transfer to face in Ludhiana remains successful in using natural and safe implanting. Technology that could last for a long time. This procedure remains result-oriented and became more famous in recent days.

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What is the procedure to transfer the fat?

Lipomodelling is a method where the fat is transferred from one body part to the other. This is done by removing the excess fat from the body parts such as the abdomen and thighs and can be used in the necessary parts that need to be repaired. Fat transfer to face in Ludhiana uses this strategy to satisfy its clients.

The fat from the body parts will be sucked with the help of injections and will undergo a filtering process to get a pure form of liquid fatty tissue. Then this fat will be injected into the respected area by injecting minute amounts so that the injected fat should get surrounded by the normal and healthy existing fat to get the desired result.

Why is it important to transplant fat to the face?

It has become predominant to take care of the face and the medical field is also ready to assist the needy people with its advanced technology. Generally, the fat is injected into the face to

  • Enhance the size of lips
  • It reduces facial freckles
  • The Eliminate laugh lines and crow’s feet
  • Eliminate acne scars
  • Eliminate depressions
  • Enhance the overall beauty

The cost of this technique varies and it also depends on the clinic where the procedure is attempted.

Fat transfer to the face in Ludhiana is carried out under general anesthesia. The part of the body from where the fat is going to be obtained is identified and then an incision will be made to suck the fat and then it will be sent to the laboratory where it can be purified and processed.

Once the process is done, the face of the patient will be covered with bandages and then the patient will be shifted to the recovery room.

After observation for a particular period, the patient will be sent home and advised to visit the clinic at regular intervals for a follow-up process.

The client can enjoy the replaced beauty with the help of the modern facilities and can lead their life in the way they want!


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