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Types of Alternative Real Estate Investments available in India

When you require investing in diversified portfolios, alternative investments offer a feasible option. But, alternative investments in Real Estate may come with different challenges. First of all, these are not SEBI-regulated. Secondly, their legal framework governing their functions is not conspicuously defined. Hence, when you choose to stake your hard-earned money in Alternative Investments India, we suggest you acquaint yourself beforehand and completely with their basics.

Alternative Real Estate Investments may not seem fit for one and all at a glance. The investors may be required to have certain accreditations to their name. Also, being a HNI may be a prerequisite. Nevertheless, the new-found alternative real estate investment avenue is made more inclusive in design and accepts all investor profiles currently.

Do you know about the available Alternative investment platforms? Well, you can diversify and enrich your perspective of generating long-term additional income by investing in cryptocurrency, private equity, IPs, a few tangible real estate inventories and hedge funds.

Why investing in Real Estate right now is a wise move

  1. Long-term Perspective

India has developed talent-wise, infrastructure-wise and also opportunity-wise in the last few decades. The cheap and talented workforce makes India a favored destination for carrying out business operations. Besides, affordable real estate rates add to the feasibility factor. Thus, one can get the best deals on talent as well as property acquisition on coming to India, if they choose to invest here now.

Having said that, real estate never fails the investors who enter this avenue with a long-term perspective. Every entry point is feasible and right and makes most sense if you are patient enough to see the investment swelling up with time.

To add further, the coming decade for India is speculated to be more promising than ever. One is quite likely to witness steady growth in the real estate sector in coming times. Such promise of growth is indicated by the growing interest of institutional funds like Blackstone, Maple Tree and Brookfield who have recently directed their global capital to make investments in the Indian Real Estate Sector.

  1. Short-term perspective

In the present economic conditions when inflation is going on the high side, investors usually continue to put their faith in Gold and Real Estate. They are advised to stay away from equity markets owing to the risk and volatility attached. Also, debt instruments don’t look promising either because of dismally low returns. Hence, in such a situation, high-yield alternative investments avenues like commercial real estate offer a third most yielding market after Gold and Real Estate. The returns may be both competitive as well as inflation-proof in the alternative real estate.

Factors worth evaluating before starting investment

You need to have a sharp eye to ensure safety of investment in real estate. The conflicting titles and other threats do add to the risk while investing in real estate. Hence, it is advisable to have an expert in real estate matters by your side to avoid bad investment. The experts may help you understand if the deal is worth the dime or not.

For instance, while entering a litigation or trying to invest in a mutual fund, an expert’s advice helps you put money in correct funds and in the correct, systematic approach. It may prove worthy as the experts can sift through the market for you and suggest you the best possible options for investing.

 However, such well-defined help may not be available while dealing in real estate. Quite contrary to other avenues for investing, real estate advisors can help only in document work; they may not be able to tell you the future prospects due to uncertainties of the future conditions.

To tackle this challenge, Myre has made expert intervention more management-focused instead of deals-based. We, at Myre, stand by the investors till the end of the investment term. We ensure that the investors enjoy the best returns, and accordingly, our experts hand-select the assets for them. With our expert advice, you can invest in alternative real estate with better cognition and assurance of safety of investment.

Reach us at Myre when you want to enjoy a double whammy of specialized advice and ease of access. Please feel free to explore our space in advance so that you are never in doubt. We proudly affirm that we live by the promises we make and strive to be your vigilant eyes so that none of the important aspects of consideration are ever missed.


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