Top 10 Simple Tips to Attracting Her

Let’s be honest (we won’t tell!). Have you ever wondered what it is that some guys do, that invisible magic cloak that seems to make women swoon whenever they walk past? The kicker is, it’s often an unconscious characteristic or trait that you can’t fake – well, almost!

Even if you’re on the best dating site in the world, it never hurts to have some insider tips to help make your dating journey more successful, and that’s what we’re here for. Let’s run through 10 simple, effective ways to help you attract the woman you’re secretly dying to date and improve your prospects of turning that attraction into a brilliant relationship that lasts.

1. Body Language

Body language is everything, yep, even on the best free online dating apps. It’s like a secret language we all know; even though we don’t know, we know it (still with me?). Yet we do because if you have a cheat sheet of body language signals, you’ll instantly start recognising them in yourself and everyone around you.

On a video chat, a date, even over the phone, keep your hands out of your pockets and stand up straight, and you’ll always speak clearer, sound more confident, and give off those ‘I’m interested’ vibes.

2. Make Eye Contact

Whenever you’re face-to-face or chatting through your favourite best free online dating apps, look her in the eye, but not constantly (too much is creepy!). Maintaining eye contact should be natural and unforced, and it’s essential to making someone feel special and enjoy spending time with you.

3. Ask Her Thoughts

It’s easy to assume a woman is attracted to you, but it could be that she’s just overly polite, so always take the initiative and ask if she would be open to another date or meeting up some time for a drink. Phrasing a question in a gentle, open way means she feels safe and attractive, yet not steam-rollered into saying yes.

4. Look After Yourself

First impressions are super important, and while you don’t need to be a bodybuilder with thighs of steel, women are drawn to healthy men who put effort into their wellbeing. You don’t need to eat a vegan diet with zero alcohol to get a date, but you do need to steer clear of too many take-outs if you want those bright, sparkling eyes and fresh skin that is so attractive to the opposite sex.

5. Invest in a Great Cologne

Ask any woman, any at all, and they will agree that when a man walks past you, and you get a hint of a sexy, gorgeous scent, you can’t help but notice! Great scent, fresh breath and confidence – a winning combination for men looking to attract women, whatever your age. Follow my blog Journals Report to get the latest updates.

6. Dress to Impress

Now, clothes are an interesting one. It’s unrealistic to expect any guy to be out in a top hat and tails at 8 am on his commute. BUT a decent sense of style is elusive and extremely attractive. Clean shoes, ironed shirts, coordinated colours, clothes that fit right. It’s simple, basic, easy – and effective.

Women spend so much time looking after their appearance and carefully choosing outfits, and they’ll recognise the effort when a guy does the same.

7. Strive for Personal Achievements

If you focus on building a life you’re proud to live, you won’t need to work nearly as hard to find dates, trust me! Women don’t filter through the best dating site in the world looking for millionaires or brain surgeons.

They look for men who they feel would be great partners, a good Dad, a brilliant friend, and a person they’d truly enjoy spending their time with. Do what YOU love, and it shows in spades. Whether that’s reading by yourself, playing sports, visiting your Mum, or going after that career you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid, a man with passion and drive is the ultimate life partner.

8. Show Manners and Courtesy

One of the biggest bugbears on the best free dating apps in USA regions is that people make SO MUCH effort to be polite, complementary and gracious.

Then you rock up to dinner, and the guy is so frazzled with nerves, he’s brusque with the waiter, gets irritable when the breadbasket doesn’t turn up and doesn’t bother to tip the cab driver. Here’s a brilliant, failsafe tip: always be your best self, even when nobody’s watching. Open the door, pull out her chair, don’t swear like a sailor, and you’re halfway there.

But remember it’s how you talk to, or about, people that can’t help or hurt you that truly defines your character, so keep your manners in check, and women will undoubtedly take note.

9. Be Unique

Don’t try to emulate an image of the guy you think a woman wants you to be – if she’s into you, you’re good as you are.

  • Maybe you’re not the best singer.
  • Maybe you don’t drive a fancy car.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Being original, steering clear of those bland, repetitive pick-up lines, and giving genuine compliments elevates your chances of a date a million-fold.

10. Never Hesitate to Back Pedal

Here’s a funny one. I had a guy ask for my number in a well-known coffee chain – he was serving, I was a customer. I said a quick no thanks, expecting the usual stifling awkwardness and to never, ever be able to get my frap in that store again for fear of having to face him.

The opposite happened – he was funny, gracious, and apologised for being awkward. This guy said he believes that if you never take a chance, you’ll never win, and he hopes he didn’t make me feel weirded out, as he loves our little chats in the morning on my way to work.

Tension dissolved. Interest piqued. It’s a life lesson. If a woman doesn’t seem totally into it, back off without hesitation. There’s a greater than even chance she’ll look back and recognise that a man who honours her wishes without a second’s thought might be worth a second chance.


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