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Sleek, Shiny & Smooth: Quick Ways to Get Straight Hair at Home

A hairstyle that never goes out of style is straight hair. Hair strands that have a straight finish paves way for a simple, clean yet chick look with loads of gloss and shine. The role of hairstyling tools is self-explanatory that contributes to the majority of straight hairstyles. Ladies trust us when we say the contribution of styling tools like a hair straightener helps to add much-needed luster to frizzy hair, at the same time it may be not possible to have the flat iron handy at that moment.

Hair is an extremely important part of defining one’s outer appearance. While everyone has a love for their natural hair texture, styling the tresses with a straight look makes the hair easy to manage. After all who doesn’t need straight and frizz-free hair which is easy to manage and style? Now you must be thinking about how to style the hair with a smooth and sleek finish apart from using a hair straightening machineWell, worry not because if you are one of those straight hair lovers, this blog talks about all those alternatives that work strongly if you don’t have the straightener by your side.

All About Getting Straight Hair Using Different Alternatives

Natural Blow-Dried Look 

Straight hair looks using a blow dryer style the hair in a unique way, especially if you don’t crave a sleek hair look. When blow drying hair with a hair drying machine, the real catch is not to style the wet hair locks but to wait till it is dry. Wait till the hair is 80 percent dry and all the excess moisture slips away from the roots. Prep the damp hair with a straight spray and allow it to dry fully. Now divide your hair into different sections and glide the hair dryer using a Vega Hot Curl Brush to create a smooth and straight finish on the tip. Whether your hair is short or long, adding a straight look with volume becomes easy with a dryer and the right hair brush. This way you can incorporate a natural straight hair look into your daily styling routine.

Applying Natural Hair Mask

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Styling your hair using hair styling tools daily may not be possible and that’s why natural homemade remedies can be leveraged to get straight and smooth hair finish. The day you are about to wash your hair, you can make your hair mask at home using ingredients that are available in the kitchen. They don’t only provide a smooth finish to the strands but also act as cleansing and deep conditioning agent eliminating the frizz from the tresses. For starters, you can mix some raw milk with eggs and whip it till it becomes a smooth paste. Now apply the mixture all over the hair using a hair dye set and leave it for one hour. Next, wash your hair with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner and get a soft and moisturized look.

Blow Dry with Cold Air 

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Apart from using styling tools like a hair dryer and straightener, other tricks will give your hair much needed straight finish. If you have already mastered the art of using a hair straightener to pull off the straight look, you should consider another way of hairstyling which is using a hair dryer by blasting cold air. Wash your hair as usual; allow it to get dried up to 80 percent and then brush up the hair knots. Once done, divide the hair into different hair sections and then turn on the hair dryer for women. Once done set the dryer on cool settings and ensure that the dryer moves in a consistent direction starting from roots to tips.

Wrap Your Hair 

Hair wrapping is another way to get a naturally straight hair look without heat styling. For the easiest way to wrap your hair, heat coconut hair oil and apply it to your hair including the scalp and roots. Next, fill the bucket with lukewarm water and take a soft towel. Soak the towel in warm water, squeeze the excess water and wrap your hair with the towel. Sit for some time, unwrap the towel and wash off the hair with a mild shampoo. As result, you will get smooth, sleek, and straight hair without going to the salon.

Using Hair Straightening Brush

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Gone are the days when straightening hair was all about only using a hair straightener. Another way to style the hair with smooth and straight finish is using Hair Straightening Brush. This simple yet effective hair styling tool helps to give smooth, straight and shiny hair along with detangling the hair knots. For people who constantly juggle with the hair knots, hair straightening brush is no less than a boon for them. The bristles of the hair brush heating elements that glides with ease, detangling the knots and eliminates the frizzy altogether. The heat is circulated through the bristles to untangle and straighten the hair altogether.

And that’s all! Needless to say, having a hair straightener is no less than a blessing for people who love flaunting straight hair. However, just in case you forget to carry your straightener, you can try these life savior hacks to style your hair with smoothness and shine.


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