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SEO Testing: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

SEO is a marketing technique about which no one knows with 100% certainty. There are more than 300 ranking factors that Google uses to deliver the search results. The marketers spend years learning about the Google ranking factors, but they are still unable to understand it properly. This is because SEO changes continuously, and new ranking factors are added every day.

Most of marketers, businesses and companies are unsure whether making any changes in their websites will affect SEO ranking or not. For this reason, most seo companies in Dubai suggest you to take a test of the SEO solution. SEO testing is a process that makes frequent changes in your websites in order to measure its impact on the organic search results.

SEO test basically evaluates the number of clicks, positions, queries and number of impressions. This can be done either for an entire page or for a specific section of the site. SEO tests can show you the actual results for your individual query. Here are some testing practices that you can implement for SEO.

  • Rank measurement

SEO rankings describe how search engines interpret the structure and contents of your website. In order to keep your visitors on the site for a longer period, you need to keep them attracted and interact with your website. Consequently, you’ll get more number of clicks irrespective of your website’s rank in the search engine.

  • Evaluate pages

The website owners also need that their websites to increase their rankings in the search engine continuously. However, the rank of the websites may also fall down by some ranks. This volatility can impact your results. Being the best seo agency Dubaiwe suggest you keep your rank within a fixed limit. Too high rank can lead to tough competition, and too low rank will make it hard to notice.

  • Use the tools

A proper analytic tool can help you to start your SEO tests. However, if you want to get more out of the SEO testing, then you may need special tools to establish and track tests. SEO testing is a tool that works with the control groups. This makes the users track changes.

  • Remove bold tags

Keywords frequency is something that you need to consider. A fewer number of keywords works better; however, more number of keywords doesn’t work as per the requirements, and in fact, it also looks awkward. Making a lot of words bold in your content may affect its rankings.

  • Compact site

People often think that the more, the better. However, it’s not always true. The more pages you have, the lesser traffic you get on your websites. Lengthy websites make it difficult to navigate, and people don’t prefer to search for things. They should get everything in one place. Most of the websites are filled with junk files and links; try removing such items and check the improvement in the rank.

  • Speed

Nobody likes a website that takes a lot of time to load. Slow loading speed is a major factor that can make a visitor change his mood and shift to another website. Faster website speed is sure to increase the number of visitors. Most of the digital marketing services in Dubai manage to keep their visitors for a longer period by providing high speed in the websites.

These are some major tests that you can conduct to test your SEO. We at seo Dubaisuggest you repeat the tests for better results. You can avail a lot many tools that can show you what your competitors are doing to increase the rank of their websites. Choose the best practices to rank higher and have a lead in the market.


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