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Rich resources for products and low-cost labor of the country are the key reason that it is one of the biggest countries in the world to export different products. As the importer or buyer, you need to know first how the company of China is. You don’t need to worry about it because many Chinese companies are now offering factory audits. If you want to know the factory in a short span of time, you can use the expert team on the ground in a country like China.

The true object of doing the audit is to help the importers or buyers bullet-proof themselves against the fraud, threat of quality and performance that is becoming an alarming issue for small, medium and even the big buyers.

It is a good chance for suppliers to promote themselves. Factory audits are regular events in China. Trustworthy and genuine suppliers cooperate readily. They are more anxious to demonstrate their skills and capacity to meet the export sales order.

There are many professional audit companies that can help you to get a complete report on suppliers. In this highly competitive market, you must create a vendor-based partner as per your requirements from quality to design and also delivery requirements. For the evaluation process, a comprehensive evaluation is needed through the supplier audits China.

Third-party audit

The criteria that a supplier’s audit assesses are policies, facilities, procedures and records to verify the ability of the factory to deliver the high-quality products consistently over time rather than creating specific products only.

Key factors to check through a supplier audit:

  • Legality information of the company
  • A registration check of the company
  • Human resource check
  • Bank information check
  • Exportation capability
  • Order management etc.
  • The standard audit includes also
  • Background of the manufacturer
  • Capability of production
  • Manpower
  • Production line and manufacturing process
  • Quality system checking like inspection and testing
  • Checking out the capability and management system
  • Environment

These types of supplier audit China and factory audit will provide you with a detailed analysis of the strengths, conditions and weaknesses of the suppliers. These services are important for the factory to understand and find out the specific areas that require improvement to meet the requirements of the buyers.

As you are just selecting the vendors, you can reduce the number of factors to more effective and manageable levels to improve their overall performance.

These types of service provide an effective solution to enhance the production process while reducing the cost for you.

It is always important to hire the experienced and professional auditors who have comprehensive training on auditing the techniques, report writing, ethics and integrity. Also, of the periodic testing and training, it is important to check whether the company keeps up with new skill and trend as per the changing standard of the industry.

Auditors are experienced enough to check the process and to ensure the quality of your products that you are going to export from China. This is an obvious part to avoid getting damaged or products with other issues.


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