Learn To Create VMware Horizon Infrastructure Architecture With VMware Horizon Training

At a time when enterprises are virtualizing every aspect of their infrastructure, the demand for virtual machines is on the rise. VMware has emerged as a leader in developing VM software solutions. One of their most notable products, VMware Horizon, makes it possible to virtualize desktops. Considering the rapid rise of remote work, it is no wonder that many organizations around the globe have quickly adopted VMware Horizon. If you are an IT professional specializing in virtualization, you should undoubtedly consider completing VMware Horizon training courses. 

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What is VMware Horizon?

VMware Horizon is currently one of the best enterprise-level VDI solutions. It helps to create digital workspaces by securely and efficiently delivering virtual desktops and apps to the cloud. VMware significantly increases business efficiency, which reflects in higher ROI. Employees can work remotely from any location and using any device. They would always experience a consistent and personalized desktop environment, which helps to boost productivity. 

How to learn to create VMware Horizon infrastructure architecture?

Professionals working in virtualization and network architecture might want to develop their skills in VMware Horizon. The best way to go about it is to enroll for VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage. This course covers several key skills, thereby making professionals eligible for a variety of jobs. The syllabus of this course includes topics like:

  • VMware Horizon Agents
  • vSphere for VMware Horizon
  • Horizon Scalability
  • Horizon Security
  • Introduction to Use Case
  • VMware Horizon Desktops
  • Graphic Cards
  • Workspace ONE Access & Virtual Application Management
  • Authentication and Certificates
  • Horizon Protocols
  • Horizon Connection Server
  • Monitoring VMware Horizon
  • Creating and Managing Instant-Clone Desktop Pools
  • VMware Horizon Client Options
  • Creating RDS Desktop and Application Pools
  • VMware Horizon Pools

The technical knowledge that this course offers is crucial in creating infrastructure architecture on VMware Horizon. Considering the extensiveness of the syllabus, this course would certainly be valuable to professionals trying to grow their skills. 

What skills would you gain upon the completion of the course?

When you finish this VMware Horizon training course, you will earn a certification that validates many skills. These include:

  • Identifying the benefits and features of VMware Horizon
  • Describing various security options for the Horizon environment
  • Discussing scalability and performance options
  • Describing the certification and authentication options for a Horizon environment
  • Using the Horizon Console Dashboard and Horizon Help Desk Tool to monitor the Horizon environment
  • Creating and using pools of RDS desktop and applications
  • Configuring, managing, and entitling instant-clone desktop pools
  • Configuring, managing, and entitling desktop pools of full VMs
  • Configuring and managing VMware Horizon Client systems
  • Connecting clients to VMware Horizon desktops
  • Creating Windows VMs
  • Optimizing Windows VMs to create Horizon desktops
  • Installing and configuring Horizon Agents on Horizon desktops
  • Creating VMs using VMware vSphere

Thus, this course would enable you to fulfil various job responsibilities with ease. Proper VMware Horizon training makes a professional far more efficient in the job. You would be able to tackle more complex tasks with lesser effort and in shorter periods. Ultimately, it would help to make you a much more skilled professional. 

Who should enroll in this course?

Professionals responsible for creating, managing, and delivering virtual and remote desktop services would certainly benefit from this training course. If you plan to apply for such a job role in the future, you may consider enrolling yourself for it. The target audience primarily consists of architects, operators, and administrators. 

Apart from the job roles mentioned above, any professional who supports, implements, or administers end-user computing infrastructure should take this course. However, do note that this is an advanced course and comes with a set of prerequisite criteria. To be eligible for this course, you should possess the skills necessary for:

  • Deploying virtual machines from templates
  • Opening virtual machine consoles on VMware vCenter Server
  • Building ODBC connections to SQL Server databases
  • Modifying the properties of virtual machines
  • Configuring guest customization specifications
  • Enabling Remote Desktop Connections by configuring Windows systems
  • Converting virtual machines into templates
  • Creating virtual machine snapshots
  • Implementing Group Policy objects to restrict the activity of users
  • Configuring ADS, including time synchronization, DHCP, and DNS

Possessing the prerequisite knowledge and skills is crucial to benefit fully from the course. Look for a reputed online institute that offers VMware Horizon training and get yourself enrolled. Certified training partners of VMware, like RPS Consulting, are exceptionally reliable.



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