How to Configure Airtel Call Settings

How to Configure Airtel Call Settings

Airtel is one of the leading mobile operators in India. This will give you the best deals and services. Cellular speed, money transfer, 3G speed, SMS, MMS etc. benefits are recognized.

Very popular and latest songs allow us to configure it as our New Mp3 Ringtones. Hello, melodies are songs and other pieces of music that your friends and family want to play when someone calls to make a positive impression on you.

Airtel Online New Mp3 Ringtones is usually set up with a regular phone call, message or USSD code. But now they offer support on the website for tuning our favorite songs like New Mp3 Ringtones. See its detailed description in this article.

This article lists all possible ways to install AirTel Caller Tune for free. How do I add Airtel Call Tuning Kit to my subscription number? You can also configure AirTel New Mp3 Ringtones by name.

The real good news if you’re in Airtel is Bollywood (Hindi), International (Hollywood) or Regional. Airtel has access to all songs, this user uses New Mp3 Ringtones and it’s totally free for now. This offer is for Airtel customers only. Check all the steps on how to set Airtel caller melody to specific number.

How do I tune Airtel Caller Tune to a specific number?

How to install Airtel New Mp3 Ringtones for free?

Choose your language and press 1 to login Airtel New Mp3 Ringtones

Press 5 to confirm the activation request

Airtel New Mp3 Ringtones will be fully activated after logging in for 30 minutes.

You can use this service after receiving the confirmation e-mail.

You can confirm by calling another Airtel number.

Done! Enjoy Airtel Hello’s free setting service

How to change Hello Melody with Airtel

That’s why Airtel Free Caller is enabled for free. It is enough to invest Rs 15/Rs for 90 days to change the helicopter. The 2.5-year subscription is free. That doesn’t mean you can’t afford the New Mp3 Ringtones/Caller Tune monthly fee.

How do I match callers by name with Airtel?

Airtel introduced a personalized New Mp3 Ringtones service called Tunes. This allows you to customize the calling song with your own name. Airtel Mobile customers can easily dial the caller’s melody, come up with a name and set it to New Mp3 Ringtones.

Select by name from search results and set to Newmp3ringtones

The service’s current “Name” directory contains over 4,500 popular Indian names and is expected to be based on daily customer usage.

Next time you call someone, download with the new New Mp3 Ringtoness. Have you tried this service? Please don’t translate

How to configure Airtel New Mp3 Ringtones on your website?

Airtel Newmp3ringtones offers an exciting way to entertain your caller. Throw away the old “torings” and greet the caller with your favorite quote. Airtel Newmp3ringtones allows you to set popular songs as Newmp3ringtones and record callers with your favorite songs.

Choose from the largest collection of categories such as Bollywood, Regional, International, Armpit Sound and Pure Instrumental. Follow a simple 3-step process

Visit the caller’s Airtel Tunes website.

Press the “Download” icon next to your favorite song

Enter your Airtel mobile number to get your Setting Password (OTP).

Enter the password you received on your mobile phone and the melody will be set to NEWMP3RINGTONES.

How to configure Airtel New Mp3 Ringtoness for a postpaid number?

Now you can communicate not only with simple words, but also more enthusiastically and innovatively, but simply. Select one of our service categories to learn more about Airtel.

Greeting Callers You can play different welcome melodies for different callers or set custom welcome melodies for your friends, spouses and colleagues.



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