How Assam people got benefits through the congress ruling?

Congress is one of the famous parties in politics. Everyone knows about them, even at the school syllabus and in the college syllabus students are reading about think. Do you think why they are so famous among the Indian people? From the olden days to now, congress is ruling various states in India. The Indian people are wholeheartedly trusting them because they have done and still doing various good things and welfare to the people.


In India, the Assam is one of the wonderful states, now it is turned into a developing state due to the ruling of congress members. In every election, the congress party got voted by the Assam people. People know congress will be the winner before the election gets started because every people voted for the Congress Party Election symbol. The congress members have turned the Assam state into one of the essential tourist places in India.


The symbol of the congress is known from child to adult in Assam. If you want to know more about the schemes and welfare created by the congress, read the upcoming article. 



How congress helps the student to get an education?

In Assam state, people face so many difficulties to get an education. Normal people suffered to pay the school fees. After the Congress Party election, the minister and the CM decided to provide free education for the poverty people. It makes every people at Assam as educated. 


For UG and PG students, the congress members advised the bank to provide loans, so that the students can study their interesting field without any worries. Utilizing this sort of education, they are gaining and earning more profit in their carrier. So from the students to adults, everyone voted for the congress party.


Is congress provides all the transport facilities to the people?

Assam people suffered to travel to another state in their emergencies because they do not have the proper transport facilities. But after the election, the congress provides all the transport facilities such as bus, train, flight and much more.


These all transport services are provided to the Assam people at reasonable prices. The Congress ministers also made the best road facility. Likewise, now people do not have difficulties with their transport and road. You can see all these data from the Assam daily updated news.


Is the Assam people are getting proper medicine and hospital facility to the people?

Congress has brought a lot of hospitals in each town and village of the Assam state. Due to that people are contacting the doctors immediately in their emergencies. You have thinks that the medicine and hospitality cost will make the people feel higher for the poverty people. But it is not a fact one. The fact is, now congress has built a lot of government hospitals at the Assam, they are providing all kinds of treatments to the people.


The medicines and treatment, both are available for the people freely. Even other outsider state people are also coming for the Assam state to do surgery and other therapies.


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