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Health Tips For Taking Care Of You During The Pandemic

The world is witnessing a pandemic that’s not usually seen before. Some have been tormented and it would take years to recover from it, while some managed to be headstrong for the upcoming days. But something that’s common between all of us is our mental and physical instability. So if you are facing the same mental and physical disorder or change of behaviors in yourselves, be okay with it. 

But how do you know if your mental or physical health is affected by Covid-19? These are the symptoms:

  1. Not being able to focus on regular activities 
  2. Having emotional breakdowns more often
  3. Back pain or dizziness due to overwork 
  4. Feeling of helplessness 
  5. Getting irritated too much 
  6. Not able to concentrate

Now when you know the symptoms, get on with the health tips that will help you in being healthy during the pandemic.

Deal with the stress

One of the major threats to unstable physical and mental well-being is the unnecessary pouring stress. Well, obviously it might demand some time and effort but you can work on it. Here are some steps you need to practice: 

  1. Distract yourself: Your head might be filled with thoughts that you don’t want to experience. You might be overstuffed with work pressure, family concoctions or other circumstances which is the reason for pending stress. But the very best way is to distract yourself. Indulge yourself in any activity that helps you to take your mind off the stress. 
  2. Build connectivity: You might have been the troglodyte all of your life but Covid-19 has changed a lot under us, some discovered and some yet untwined. Start to connect with people, people you love and people you can rely on. Seek help, talk and you will already feel less stress. 
  3. Rest: It’s not important that you do everything productive all day. It’s okay to rest for a while and be unproductive. Start reading the book you left unread, play with the kids, watch a movie or do anything that makes you happy. Coping with Covid-19 is difficult but you can stay healthy at the same time. 

Follow safe food habits

You know you can catch the fever or symptoms even with a single mistake right? It is important to be safe especially in times like these. In case you are buying food, be safe to choose what’s right. Follow good hygiene practices while taking the orders or even delivering any of the food. Be safe while buying groceries and any of the items. Practice these basic habits to prevent yourself from getting infected

  1. Always keep your kitchen, utensils clean. 
  2. Wash or sanitize your hands regularly. Make sure you do this while you accept online orders as well. 
  3. Use safe drinking water, also for washing food.
  4. Keep your food and other eatables at the right temperature. 
  5. Cook food properly. 

Be wise and hydrate 

The major habit that you should follow during Covid-19 or otherwise is to stay hydrated. Do not stay dehydrated, it affects your body negatively only. Since the time is not reliable, do not rest for tap water. Boil it, fix it and keep it for a while before you drink it directly. Tap water contains a lot of chemicals as they pass from different barriers which makes them an unideal fit for drinking. This is the reason why experts suggest boiling the water before you drink it. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Be habituated to drinking a litre every one or two hours. 

Don’t forget to workout

Most of us have been having trouble gaining weight since we have all been sitting at our homes and working for around two years now. Weight gain surely affects your physical well-being and you must try to control it. It is universally accepted that weight gain is controlled by physical activities which include exercising or working out. At times it’s difficult to manage working out because you lack the time or motivation, but the only solution is to get rid of these hurdles. Try to manage your time and take some time out for your health. Even if you can’t pay an hour to exercise, do it for fifteen to thirty minutes. The goal is to implore some flexibility in your muscles which will be a great help in staying healthy

  1. Join a yoga class or do it yourself.
  2. Do aerobics, pushups, pull-ups, or go to the gym. 
  3. Learn new exercising ways using youtube tutorials.
  4. Dance to your favorite tune. It is a form of exercise.

Avoid news for sometime 

It’s important to be awake and know what’s happening around but it’s okay to take a break at times. These days you can see on the news channels the report of deaths and people affected due to the pandemic. At times it might be overwhelming and your mental state is not going to allow imploring these happenings. So for your own good, skip news channels for a day or two, or a week if you want to. You might catch up on all the worldly events later. Rest awhile and skip horrendous news for your mental stability. 

It’s never too late to think about your bodily requirements and obviously to work on them. There is much more you can do to keep yourself motivated and balance the physical and mental cycle that’s being distorted because of the pandemic. These are some fine ways to do so: 

To keep yourself mentally well:

  1. Have the most technology to connect with whomever you want and with whom you can. 
  2. Dispatch that guilt of not being able to help others. Donate blood, food or aid whatever you can to your friends or even unknown people.
  3. Stay away from unsearched and untrusted news sources. Rely on trusted information and don’t let your mind capture false information. 
  4. Cope up the negativity with your favorite songs
  5. Be grateful for what you have every day. 

To keep yourself physically fit: 

  1. Practice deep breathing and self-control.
  2. Limit the use of alcohol and try to quit smoking.
  3. Connect with nature.
  4. Eat a healthy diet.
  5. Try to change your work environment more often.

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