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Mistakes can be fatal, but EU tax law is not complicated. Choose the payment and payment system that best suits your business type, annual turnover and personal accounting. Up to four VAT rates apply to each EU country. Super low rates apply to a variety of products and services set by EU countries. These include food, certain beverages, clothing, medicines, books and other printed materials, television copyright, hotel and restaurant services, cinemas and 해외축구중계, waste treatment, passenger transportation, manufacturing and repair, copyright and medical equipment . , Water supply, social services, flowers and plants, raw wool. The super reduction rate per region is approximately 4%.

Most EU Member States do not offer lower tax rates,

but almost all lower rates and all normal rates. Only four states offer parking rates. The VAT deduction is an average of 5%, the standard rate is 17.5%and the parking fee is around 12%. Some EU countries offer discounts such as a 0% tax rate for certain goods and services.

Almost all goods and services are taxed at their rate of use. If a German resident travels to Portugal and uses hotel accommodation, a 5% tax will be charged on the accommodation and the price offered in Portugal will be reduced. However, if a tourist returns to Germany with a box of Portuguese -made shoes (VAT not paid) for sale in his shoe store, the item is subject to 25%VAT, the standard VAT rate in Germany. Of course, the shoes will be used in Germany.

Electronic goods and services are also governed by VAT law.

Taxes are collected at the customer’s place, not at the level of the place of production or sale. Web hosting, remote maintenance of software and equipment, access to software, updates, databases and information, access to music and movies, access to games and electronics, and products and services for all. Goals and access to distance learning. While the Hungarian provider sells online football broadcasts to customers in the UK, the service is subject to a standard UK VAT of 17.5%.

As a general rule, all goods and services purchased from the EU must be subject to VAT and therefore shipped outside the EU within three months. Depending on the nature of the goods or services, an export tax refund may be returned to the customer. Exports are taxed at the standard VAT rate of the country of origin. Named in honor of John Heisman, the Heisman Memorial Cup Award – commonly known as the Heisman or Heisman Trophy – is used by the Heisman Trophy Fund to be reviewed in early December of each year, before the post -bowling competition begins. season. College football player. This country last season. Founded in 1935, it is one of the oldest awards in college football, has won the award 75 times in history, and is considered one of the highest individual awards in college football. The annual awards ceremony was held at the Nokia Theater in New York, where the winners were accompanied by the dignitaries of the school.


The award was given by the New York City Center Athletic Club in 1935 and was originally named the DAC Trophy to honor the best football player in eastern Mississippi. That year, the first winner was Jay Bervanger, the star of the competition at the University of Chicago.

 Despite his talent and recognition,

Bervanger has never played professional football. Although the Philadelphia Eagles prepared him, he turned down the offer and decided to pursue a career in the business. Baranger was the only one to win the DAC trophy. In 1936, after the death of John Heisman, manager of the Downtown Athletic Club and former college football coach, the organization replaced the trophy as an honor. This came to be known as the Heisman Memo



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