Car Servicing during Monsoon

Car Servicing

The monsoon season is a great time to go on long drives or get out of town over the weekend to enjoy the refreshing change in climate. But before you make either of these plans, ensuring that your car is in good shape is essential. The rains can take a massive toll on your vehicle. Even if you only commute within the city, wet roads, flooding, and the off chance of a broken tree branch falling onto your parked vehicle pose a threat to the well-being of your car and your finances. To minimize the chances of getting into a car accident or suffering an unexpected breakdown of your vehicle due to wear and tear, it is essential to keep up with a routine servicing schedule during the monsoon season. If you have a good car insurance plan, the cost of servicing your car will be covered by the insurer.

Here is a checklist of items that you should get checked and service regularly during the monsoon.


  1. Tyres

Wet and slippery roads take a massive toll on the tyres of a car. Both the front and rear tyres should be examined from time to time. Look out for the tyre treads that provide some indication of whether the tyres are in good condition. Worn out tyres can cause over steering and skidding, resulting in dangerous road accidents.

  1. Brakes

The brakes of the car should be checked frequently. Worn out brake pads make the brake pedal less sensitive, making it harder to brake quickly or suddenly.

  1. Wiper Blades

Wiper blades on the windshield and the rear of the car should be functioning optimally. Wiper blades ensure visibility during the rain, especially during a downpour. Without properly functioning wiper blades, visibility could be partially or completely obstructed, leading to mishaps on the road.

  1. Head and tail lights

In the same way that wiper blades are necessary to see other vehicles on the road, headlights and tail lights should be working for other vehicles to spot you on the road.

  1. Battery

The battery of the car along with the electrical wiring beneath the hood should be examined regularly, especially after spells of heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall can seep into the hood, damaging the battery and other wiring. This can cause short circuits.

  1. Engine 

Upkeep and servicing of the engine of the car will prevent untimely breakdowns and improve the longevity of your vehicle. Regular use of the car as well as basic maintenance by way of oiling the engine regularly and preventing water from getting in are small ways in which the engine can even be serviced by the car owner.

  1. Side View Mirrors

The side view mirrors should be cleaned daily during the monsoon. Dirt and streaks of water can cause obstruction of your view, which can prove dangerous during the monsoons. Any scratches or breakage of the side view mirror should be dealt with promptly.

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