Can Royal Enfield accessories be ordered online?

If you go to any accessories store- be it online or offline, the widest choice available is of Royal Enfield accessories. You can change the mirrors or even the silencer to get a different exhaust note. You can modify each part of your favorite Royal Enfield bike. There is a kingdom of Royal Enfield modification accessories.

Royal Enfield accessories

Royal Enfield bikes are loved by all Retro or classic enthusiasts and for good reason. They are classic motorcycles which once served a very powerful military of the world- British military forces.

These bikes have been on this planet since long and they have come a long way. They have always kept things simple and didn’t even bother to add a fuel meter to their motorcycles until recently.

To add to the classic looks, people add headlight tape X to their RE motorcycles. Headlight X tape is another classic accessory which has been in use since cafe racers were new. X tape used to come factory fitted on cafe racers. Also, handlebar tassels enhance the retro look of bikes like Royal Enfields and Triumphs.

Royal Enfield accessories are widely available on various platforms and offline stores. The look of Royal Enfield bikes transforms totally with aftermarket accessories. Let us talk about the top Royal Enfield Accessories which changes the look of your bike and makes it visually appealing:

  • Tyre hugger

Some Royal Enfield bikes like the interceptor 650 and the GT 650 may not have tire huggers. It can be a useful product as it stops the debris scattering. It will make cleaning of the bike easy as mud won’t splatter.

Sometimes cleaning between the suspension of the bike is really intimidating but it won’t get so dirty after installing a tire hugger. Tire hugger also changes the look of the bike.

  • Bike windscreen

You will be thankful to this invention if you go on long rides. Windscreen can keep you from getting fatigued by the wind gusts. Windscreen will stop the wind blasts as the name suggests.

Also, some amount of the rain is stopped and a windscreen may protect the mobile and mobile holder mounted on your dashboard from water.

It is also helpful to stop those bugs which  always get into your eyes when you ride a bike.

  • Cafe racer seat cowl

This is pure aesthetic improvement as a cowl gives a look of cafe racers. It is easy to install and doesn’t cost much.

  • Auxiliary light mount

Auxiliary light mounts are mounting stands for extra lights. Now, you can fit your favorite projector lamp or LED lights. Once installed, it is very easy to change only the lights and don’t need any expert hands.

  • Engine guard or sump guard

This is an essential accessory for long off-road riders or anyone who has to go through bad roads frequently. This is a guard which is mounted on the lower bottom of the bike and protects the engine from scratches due to rocks on the road or keep mud away. You can get it from the company store also.

  • Crash guards

These also act like protection for your motorcycle as this won’t let your bike fall completely. If you bike is stopped from falling fully then parts like the turn signal indicators and even the headlight will be saved. Also, your bike won’t suffer much scratches.

Additionally, the crash guards take all the weight of the bike so, no part of the bike will get dents from pressure of falling. And also, if you are stuck when the bike has fallen, then you will suffer less injuries due to the crash guard.

  • Handlebar risers

Some tall people may find the handlebar height less. This is a serious problem if he/she is riding for long distances as their arms will go numb and this can cause accidents too as any sudden movement will be restricted. They will lose control because of this.

Handlebar risers are accessories which can raise the height of the handlebar. This is beneficial for tall riders for better reach and won’t cause arm pains. They will travel more comfortably.

  • Touring seat

Yes, this seat may look similar to your factory fitted Royal Enfield seat but that doesn’t mean it is the same. It is not. This looks the same as the equipped seat as seats need to be in similar dimensions for proper fitting.

These seats are immensely comfortable when compared to regular Royal Enfield seats as these are meant for proper touring. They have made optimum level of cushioning for long rides and this will not annoy you.

  • Handlebars

You can even change the handlebars of a Royal Enfield and install a color of your choice. Not only color but it can give you less wind resistance and better ergonomics. You may find comfort while riding due to a proper shaped handlebar which suits you.

  • Silencers or exhausts

When we are talking about this retro bike manufacturer, we shouldn’t forget to mention the silencers available to change the exhaust note. You can replace the factory fitted silencer or exhaust and install a loud sounding one. This will add thump to the exhaust note. Even people do this for aesthetics.

That was all regarding making your bikes more adorable. All of Royal Enfield modification accessories are available with us in one place. Not only Royal Enfield, but you can buy more bike modification accessories for many other bikes.


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