C# vs JavaScript: Check 12 Major Differences To Decide Which Is Better

C# vs JavaScript: Check 12 Major Differences To Decide Which Is Better

C# and JavaScript Both are such languages that are widely used all over the world.


Because of the popularity of these languages, there is always a debt among developers regarding C# vs JavaScript.


Both languages provide a wide variety of features that every developer wants to have in a language.


A developer can develop any program from his imagination with the help of any of these languages.


Because both languages provide everything which a developer needs, it always becomes a hard task when someone has to select any one of these.


Are you also having the same problem?


If yes, then this blog has a solution for you, read till the end and you will know all the differences between C# and JavaScript.


What is C#?


C# is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft to handle the problems they were having to build web applications.


This language was invented in 2000 and its first version was released in 2002.


Since it was developed by Microsoft to build their web application, this programming language is quite window-centric.


Moreover, it is a type-safe programming language that means you will get very good security for programs.


You can develop games, web applications and windows, and any other type of programs using C#.


It provides a lot of features like automatic garbage collection to its user which helps the developer to code his program easily and efficiently.


What is JavaScript?


JavaScript is a text-based scripting programming language, which is used to develop interactive web pages for the user.


Many people also use the term “JS” for JavaScript. It is an often-used short-term form of JavaScript.


When it was developed it was first named LiveScript, but then Netscape renamed this as JavaScript.


Netscape is the Corporation where JavaScript was developed in 1995.


You also can develop Web Servers, Mobile Apps, and Games with the help of JavaScript, But it is mostly popular for developing web pages.


Differences Between C# and JavaScript


It will always be a hard task, when we are having a C# vs JavaScript conversation and we have to select any one of these languages.


Since both languages have many same features, but still there are some differences which we can find in C# and JavaScript.


These are the some differences between C# and JavaScript -:


C# JavaScript
C# is not consider being Prototype – Based Language. JavaScript is a Prototype – Based Language.
It is type-safe object oriented language. It is an object oriented language.
C# is Statically Typed. JavaScript is Dynamically Typed.
C# is Strongly Typed. JavaScript is Weakly Typed.
It is a Compiled Language. It is an interpreted language.
C# has very good speed. JavaScript is slow in comparison to C#.
It provides Good Readability that makes it easy to understand. It has bad readability in comparison to C#.
C# use .Net Frameworks for native data querying capabilities. JavaScript has separate libraries for native data querying capabilities.
C# supports multithreading. JavaScript does not support multithreading.
It supports LINQ. It does not support LINQ.
C# has automatic garbage collection. JavaScript does not have garbage collection.
C# Supports Operator Overloading. JavaScript does not support operator Overloading.


Now, you know all the basic differences between C# and JavaScript.


It will help you to find which features you will get if you select any one of these languages and which features are missing in that language.


Now it will be easier for you to select any one of these.


C# vs JavaScript Which One is Best For Web Development?


If you want to select a language from C# and JavaScript for web development, then it will be very hard for you, since you can do web development in both languages.


But if you want a direct answer for this question, then we will say that JavaScript will be a little better than C# in terms of web development.


JavaScript is a language that is most popular for developing interactive web pages, whereas C# was created for developing Web Applications.


But after that C# has many version updates, so you can use C# also for web development.


But JavaScript still has an upper hand in Web development over C#, because Java has frameworks like JQuery, Angular, and React.


With the help of these frameworks, JavaScript provides endless options and capabilities for web development.


So if someone says to me “C# vs JavaScript, Select any one of these for web development”, then we personally will prefer JavaScript.




In the end, we want to say that both languages are good at their own places, so you will not regret selecting any one of these.


You can develop almost any type of program with the help of any of these languages.


But if you want to be a web developer and have the same debate C# Vs JavaScript in your mind.


Then you should go with JavaScript because its rich libraries make web development easier than C#.


So, this was the blog about C# Vs JavaScript, we hope you liked it. Stay Connected for more amazing content.

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