When to Visit India to Enjoy Vibrant Indian Festive Season

As we all know, India is a country which is famous all around the world for its beautiful cultural diversity and festivals. Although in India, the festivals of all the religions are celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness. But if you want to see the real festivals of India. Then you should either visit the country during the Diwali season or the Holi season. Both the festivals are the Major 2 Hindu festivals which are celebrated with a lot of joy and excitement. Also, Diwali comes around in October or November; thus this is the best time to book India holiday packages.

So, the next visit to India should definitely cover one of the major festivals of India. The festive season will make you fall in love with the country a little more.

Best Time to Visit India: Peak Tourism

However, you can see tourists from all over the world traveling down to India; all around the year. But the months from November to mid-February; see the major hike in the tourists. As the weather is cool and is very ideal for people to easily explore the country; without experiencing the harsh side of the sun.

Also, November holds the major Hindu festival Diwali, which is a big celebration all over the country. So, you should always make sure to get all your hotels pre-booked; for a hassle-free stay.

Indian festive season

Best Time to Visit India for Festive Season

As mentioned above there are two major festivals that are celebrated in India, which are Holi and Diwali. So, if you are only able to attend one; choose wisely which one are you more excited to see.

Holi, which is also commonly known as the festival of colors is a day festival; which will drench you under millions of colors. You can find all the cities drenched in different colors, as the people play with colors. You may also see some water balloons and water guns on you; from far as children target you.

However, we assure you that you will fall in love with the joy, excitement, and of- course the sweets around the season of Holi.

Diwali season in India | Best time to visit India

Whereas, on the other hand, Diwali is a festival of light. You can see the glittering led lights outside each and every house; while children burst crackers all around the streets. There is also a major puja of the goddess of wealth in all the houses.


Also, a major festival known as Dusshera is just 20 days before Diwali; this festival has different versions all over the country. Some places it is known as Durga puja, some places as Dusshera. During this time you can dance your heart outs; playing Dandiya.

Where to Go in India, During Festive Season-

So, if you are lucky to visit India, during the festive season of India. Then you should definitely pay a visit to some particular places to see the festivals where they are celebrated to their best.

During Holi season-

For holi, you should either go to Pushkar, Rajasthan; or you can travel down to Mathura, which is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The festival also holds importance to the love between Radha and Krishna. Thus, you can see a beautiful yet weird version of Holi festival, which is also known as Lath Maar Holi, where the women of the houses hit their spouses with sticks in a funny way. While in Pushkar you can find various parties, which are heartwarming, full of colors, music, and alcohol. Although all the states or the places of the country celebrate it. But these two places will give you the best sneak peek at the festival.

Holi festive season in India

During Diwali season-

And, if you travel during October- November; then you should definitely visit, Gujrat, if you want to dance your hearts out on the Bollywood beats in Dandiya. You can see majority of the people dressed up traditionally just laughing and dancing their hearts out for 9 days. Or if you want to see the famous Durga Puja of the Bengalis, then travel down to West Bengal and wear their traditional sari to indulge in the sacred puja of goddess Durga; which is again for 9 days.

And during the Diwali season, you can travel down to any state or the city of the country to see the joy, laughter, and festival of the country. But majorly you will see the brighter part of the festival, in the Northern regions of the country. So, you can travel down to Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, etc. To see the homes covered under beautiful lights, and children playing with crackers. And do not forget to taste the most scrumptious sweet dishes, which are made at sweet shops; and at homes.

India during diwali season

No matter which place or festival you choose to visit in India. You will be delighted and extremely happy to see these festivals celebrated with so much of Harmony and joy in the country.

Take Away-

Although you can visit India, during any season and month and see a different version of the country. A lot of festivals are celebrated in the country throughout the year. But if you want to explore the major festivals of the country and want to enjoy them to the core. Then you should visit either during November or during the season of March.

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    Uttarakhand is popularly known as “Devbhoomi” or the “land of gods”. It is a really renowned pilgrimage site where people originate from all parts of India and also even the world to immerse in the spiritual as well as religious environment. From the spiritual Ghats of Ganga in Haridwar to the snow-capped mountains of Auli, Uttarakhand is viewed as a holy place.
    Kumbh Mela -Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest and the most popular festival of Uttarakhand. Although technically it is a Mela or fair, it is a significant occasion for people of this northern state. It is the biggest congregation of pilgrims which entails taking dips in the river of Ganga to rid oneself of one’s sins. Followers, saints, sadhus, or just onlookers, regardless of their caste, creed or gender originate from throughout the nation and also even world to bath themselves in the waters of Ganga, hoping to eliminate the cycle of birth and also death.

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