Best North Indian Restaurant in Maharashtra

When we claim that North-Indian cuisine is a magnificent concoction of the finest elements the world has to offer, we are not exaggerating in the slightest. It’s abundant, bombastic, and flavorful, and it also has a stunning colour palette to match its luxury. This results in our taste senses consistently dancing around in pure, unadulterated delight. Are we going a little too far? That’s exactly how this cuisine makes us feel, to be honest! What’s Hot has compiled a list of the best North Indian restaurants in Mumbai to help you find your next meal. Whatever your reason for visiting Delhi: whether you are a Delhiite looking for food that will remind you of home or just someone looking to eat the best Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani available, these restaurants will not fail you.

Cuisine from the North Indian subcontinent

Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra, is one of the world’s financial centres.

If you are travelling to Mumbai for business or spending time with your family, it is good to prepare a note of all of the dining options and related accessories that are accessible. Suppose you are interested in experiencing the popular cuisines of this metropolitan metropolis according to your taste buds and preferences. Dairy products such as curd and spices are used to prepare North Indian gravies. Cardamoms, saffron, dalchinni, chillies, and nuts are among the other ethnic components used in this dish. This cuisine consists of biryani, Bhatti da kukkad (chicken kabab), and gosht ke parche, among other dishes.

Lamb chops, Mutton Champ, Seekh Mutton Kebabs, kakori kebab, and spicy curries from this region are enjoyed by people worldwide, including individuals in the United States. Vegetarians can choose from various dishes such as alu vada, matar Samosas, Paneer Tikka, subzi, and gnocchi di galouti ke parche. Suppose you want to try something different for your main course. In that case, try the Dal Quershi, the vegetable Jalfrezi, Paneer Kofta, Palak Paneer, Dum Aloo, and Dal Makhani is undoubtedly the pinnacle of North Indian cuisine. A variety of delicious bread is created in the North Indian Cuisine, including chapatis, Potato Paratha, Laccha Parantha, puris, and naan (Indian flatbread).

Desserts such as Jalebis served with rabdi, gulab jamun, petha, gajak, rewdi, milk cake, falooda, and khaja Ras Malai are among the most delectable. Gulab Jamun, Laddu, Halwa, Barfi, Gul Qand, Balusahi, and a slew of more delectable treats are available. North Indian foods are served at several popular restaurants in Mumbai, including Dum Pukht Jamavar, Kebab Korner, Made in Punjab, Saffron, Punjab Grill, Masala Bay, Maya, Soma, Indian grill and Kitchen, Saffron Spice Caravan Serai, Almond Flour, and a few others.

This list contains the greatest North Indian restaurants in Mumbai that will transport you back to the culinary paradise that is Delhi:

Papa Pancho da Dhaba

Papa Pancho Da Dhaba, located in the heart of Mumbai’s affluent Bandra West neighbourhood, is a universe unto itself. Small and lively, this eatery serves you real Punjabi cuisine, complemented by kind service that will immediately ease you.

Cooper Chimney

For people searching for an authentic place to sit and dine can go for Cooper Chimney. They have been serving the most authentic and traditional foods since their inception. From Indian to Chinese no matter what you order you are going to encounter the best taste in every food.

Kake Da Hotel

Kake Da Hotel is one of those sites that has a particular place in the hearts of every Delhiite, and it is located in New Delhi. In Mumbai, the popular restaurant chain has finally expanded, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t go ahead and order that platter of butter chicken right immediately!

B Bhagat Tarachand

In addition to being one of the oldest North Indian restaurants in Mumbai, B Bhagat Tarachand is the best destination for those seeking a hearty yet simple dinner. If you’re seeking the tastiest paranthas in town, look no further than this establishment!

Pratap The Dhaba

This dhaba-themed restaurant elevates North Indian cuisine to a whole new level. Pratap’s dynamic atmosphere is a major hit when it comes to the general public, and the random bhangra breaks certainly help to up the fun factor.

Chawla Fast Food

For North Indians living in Mumbai, there’s nothing better than a plate of real and hearty chole bhature to warm their souls at the end of the day. Sion’s Chawla Dhaba is the solution to their prayers for those who find themselves in this situation. Don’t be fooled by the ambience; the cuisine here is delicious!

Goila Butter Chicken

For those who are sick and tired of eating poorly prepared butter chicken in Mumbai, Goila’s Butter Chicken will completely transform your experience. Although Google only has a limited menu, it is a fantastic site to get food from and have your house parties elevated to the next level.

SardaarJi Lokhandwala

Sardaar Ji is a popular hangout for bachelors living in Andheri West, and it’s a nice location to go for some comfort food after a long day at the office. This little cafe is open till four o’clock in the morning is its most distinguishing characteristic. So if you’re searching for a spot to indulge in a sumptuous supper after a wild night out, look no further!

Delhi Darbar

According to many, Delhi Darbar, which is located in the heart of Mumbai’s famed Colaba market, is widely regarded as the city’s oldest and greatest North Indian restaurant. No matter what you eat – hearty Punjabi fare or delicate Mughal dishes – Delhi Darbar is one of those restaurants that consistently delivers excellent results.


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