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Benefits of tummy tuck surgery and breast reduction surgery in India

Benefits of tummy tuck surgery and breast reduction surgery in India

Tummy tuck surgery

Cosmetic surgery is the new popular thing for our generation. Because of many celebrities having these surgeries to improve their looks, other people are getting these surgeries as well. With the rising popularity of these surgeries, the cost of these surgeries is reducing as well.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a medical procedure that helps people make their abdomen firmer and more attractive. This procedure is done to tighten the muscles of people who have loose skin after pregnancy or major weight loss. In the procedure of tummy tuck in India, the surgeon uses incisions from hip to hip for major changes, and during major changes belly button has to be moved as well, so it takes more time than minor surgeries.

The benefits of tummy tuck in India are as follows –

1) Aids to ventral herniatummy tuck in India aids in correcting the ventral hernia. Sometimes, after a major weight loss, the abdomen muscles become weak and the abdomen tissue breaks the abdomen wall, making a sack pouch out. And through tummy tuck surgery like flattening the abdomen, a hernia can be treated by addressing its muscles.

2) Improves looks and posture – we live in a society where people are judged based on their looks and tummy tuck helps people feel comfortable in their bodies and stand in sizeable crowds without feeling ashamed of their bodies. By having tummy tucks in India, people can improve their posture as well. As with excess weight to carry, people often walk or sit bending their shoulders, but through this surgery, that’s no problem anymore.

3) Provides a better fashion choicetummy tuck in India helps people get a variety in clothes and fashion choices. Tummy tuck helps people wear clothes they couldn’t wear earlier because of excess fat and skin. It also provides a better fit for clothes and makes the choice very vast.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women. This surgery is used to reduce the size of breasts as many women don’t like the enormous size of their breasts and breast reduction surgery in Ludhiana can help women reduce their size. This is a very normal procedure, lots of women have it.

Advantages of breast reduction surgery in Ludhiana are:

1) Relives from back pain- large breasts can cause back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain to women, that can lead to other medical issues as well, and sometimes breast reduction surgery in Ludhiana is the only option to get rid of that pain and if it’s the same case with you, please consult a surgeon today.

2) Provides better body proportions – breasts reduction surgery can offer better proportion to its patients. If your upper half looks heavier than the lower half of the body, its proportion may look wrong, so with this surgery, you can get your breasts resized to get perfect proportions.

Combination surgery

Patients can get a combination of surgery as well, where a surgeon performs both of the surgeries together, which hence reduces the recovery phase and the cost of the procedures. Even though it carries more complications and risks but having it through an experienced surgeon takes the worry away.


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